December 27, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide 1.2 to Exterior Wall Washer Lighting Maintenance

Welcome to Win-E Illumination’s expert guide on maintaining and troubleshooting your LED wall washer lights. In this blog post, we’ll delve into common issues that may arise with your exterior wall washer lighting, specifically focusing on LED lamp bead failures. Learn how to identify, troubleshoot, and repair issues ranging from a few damaged lamp beads to more extensive problems, ensuring your outdoor spaces stay brilliantly lit.

1: Understanding Lamp Bead Damage

1.1 A Small Number of Damaged Lamp Beads
If you notice only one or two lamp beads are broken, fear not! We provide two effective repair methods:

1.1.1 Wire Connection Method
Locate the damaged bead, connect its ends to metal using wires, and short-circuit it. This ensures most lamp beads light up normally, with minimal impact on overall brightness.

1.1.2 DIY Replacement
For the hands-on enthusiasts, purchase replacement lamp beads online and use a soldering iron for a seamless swap. Remember to observe polarity and handle with care.

1.2 A Large Number of Damaged Lamp Beads
When faced with extensive damage, consider replacing the entire lamp bead board. Here’s what to consider when purchasing a new board:

1.2.1 Measure Your Lamp Size
Ensure the new board matches the dimensions of your existing setup.

1.2.2 Check Appearance and Starter Connector
Verify the appearance and starter connector match your current board.

1.2.3 Note the Output Power Range
Match the output power range of the starter for optimal performance.

Replacement is straightforward – remove the old board and connect the new one using the magnetized system.

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2: Addressing Starter Issues

2.1 Starter Damage
Starter issues are a common cause of LED light failures. If your lights don’t work or exhibit flickering, chances are the starter needs replacement. Follow these steps:

2.1.1 Connector Appearance
Pay attention to the appearance of the starter connector; ensure compatibility with your lamp bead board.

2.1.2 Color Changing Capability
Match the new starter to the color-changing capabilities of your existing setup.

2.1.3 Output Power Range
Consider the output power range, ensuring it aligns with the lamp bead board.

Replacing the starter is simple – unscrew the old one, detach it from the lamp bead board, and magnetically connect the new starter.


3: Dealing with Brand-Specific Lamp Bead Issues

3.1 LED Wall Washer Brand Lamp Beads Damage
If part of your LED lamp beads fails to light up, it’s likely due to damage. Follow these options based on the extent of the damage:

3.1.1 Visual Inspection
Identify damaged beads by black spots on the surface. Assess if they’re connected in series or parallel.

3.1.2 Repair Options
Explore repair options based on the number of damaged lamp beads.


Regular maintenance and timely troubleshooting can extend the lifespan of your exterior wall washer lighting. With Win-E Illumination’s comprehensive guide, you’re equipped to address various issues and keep your outdoor spaces beautifully illuminated. Illuminate your nights with confidence!