December 7, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Checking Voltage on Outdoor Linear Lights

LED linear lights offer versatile lighting solutions for various applications, including outdoor settings. To ensure the proper functioning and compatibility of outdoor linear lights, it is essential to understand their voltage requirements. In this guide, Win-E Illumination provides step-by-step instructions on how to check the voltage of LED linear lights, empowering users to make informed decisions when selecting outdoor lighting solutions.

Determining Voltage for LED Linear Lights:

1. Check the label: Reputable LED linear light manufacturers typically label their products with specific parameters, including voltage. Look for labels on the lights themselves to identify the voltage requirements.

2. No labeling? Assess internal components: If the lights do not have visible labels, inspect the transparent glue covering the internal components. Count the number of lamp beads, resistors, capacitors, and other elements to make an informed judgment. Gradually test the lights with a range of voltages, starting from low to high, using power tools if necessary. If internal components are not easily visible, disassemble the lights for further testing.

3. Understand voltage variations: LED linear light lamp beads typically operate at voltages ranging from 1.8V to 3V. The general current is controlled within the range of 18mA to 20mA. It’s important to note that different color temperatures and chip configurations can influence the voltage requirements. For accurate testing and determination, it is advisable to consult dedicated engineers or technicians.

Importance of Selecting the Right Voltage:

Choosing the correct voltage for outdoor linear lighting is crucial to ensure optimal performance, longevity, and safety. Mismatched voltages can lead to inadequate illumination, reduced lifespan, and even product failure. By accurately determining the voltage requirements, users can avoid potential issues and select the most suitable LED linear lights for their outdoor lighting projects.

Win-E Illumination: Your Trusted Partner for Outdoor Linear Lights

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Checking the voltage of LED linear lighting is a crucial step in selecting the right outdoor lighting solutions. By following the recommended steps and understanding the significance of voltage compatibility, users can make informed decisions when purchasing LED linear lights. Win-E Illumination’s commitment to quality and expertise in outdoor lighting make us the ideal partner for your next project. Explore our range of outdoor linear lights and elevate your outdoor lighting experience with Win-E Illumination’s innovative solutions.