September 7, 2023

Can LED underwater lights be made into high-voltage option?

We often hear accident reports about the leakage of LED underwater lights, especially those who were electrocute in the swimming pool due to the leakage of underwater lights. As a manufacturer of LED underwater lights, analyze the two possible reasons for the leakage of underwater lights: 1. The installation specifications are not up to standard; 2. The quality specifications of the lamps are not up to standard.

The reason why I say this is because the country currently has clear regulations on the use of LED underwater lights for landscape lighting. The voltage cannot exceed 24V, and the common voltage is 12V and 24V. The voltage of 24V is not only within the tolerance range of the human body,  but is also lower than the safe voltage of 36V, so As long as it is a standard lamp, it is impossible to have any problems.

Installation specification of underwater LED lights: 
1. Before installation, take a sample to check whether the appearance of the LED underwater light is intact, whether the function is waterproof, lighting, wiring, etc., and whether it is normal.
2. Ensure that the installation position of the underwater light is fixed and will not loosen due to water pressure.
3. Connect the relevant cables of the underwater lights to ensure that the working voltage of the conductors submerged in the water shall not exceed 24V, and the transformer device shall be set in a safe and dry place on land.
4. Seal all exposed conductors with waterproof glue.
5. Carry out regular inspection and maintenance.

Production specifications of underwater LED lights :
1. Comply with national regulations on safe electricity use parameters for underwater lights.
2. Waterproof and dustproof grade is IP68.
3. It can be put on the market after passing relevant national qualification certification testing.

Even if the above-mentioned properly operated underwater lights may leak electricity underwater, they will never cause death. Therefore, when purchasing LED underwater lights, personal safety should be a key factor. It is necessary to use low-voltage 12V (24V) safety voltage underwater pool lights in accordance with national standards. The waterproof requirements are as high as IP68. It is highly not recommended to use high-voltage underwater pool lights.

LED underwater lights are use underwater and need to withstand a certain amount of underwater pressure. Therefore, Shenzhen Win-E Illlumination’s underwater lights must use stainless steel 304 shell, 8mm tempered glass, imported silicone rubber sealing ring, waterproof, dustproof, anti-leakage, Corrosion-resistant, with a protection level of up to IP68, it can be immersed in water for long periods of time.