August 28, 2023

Can you describe the differences between LED Wall washers and Linear Lights?

Shenzhen WIN-E Illumination Lighting Co., Ltd specializes in state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions, including LED wall washers, linear lights, pixel lights, and burial lights. These cutting-edge products are designed to elevate landscape and facade lighting, providing stunning visual effects and unparalleled versatility.

LED Wall Washers and Linear Lights: Illuminating Architecture:

As the name suggests, LED wall washers create a water-like effect by washing the light across the wall’s surface. Primarily used for architectural decoration lighting, they excel at outlining large buildings. On the other hand, the LED linear light series serves as a flexible high-end decorative lighting solution, perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, building outlines, and billboard production. While both LED wall washers and linear lights share similar appearances as long strips, the key differences lie in the presence of brackets and the type of chips used.

1. Application Effects:

LED wall washers gently wash the wall with light, creating a soft and elegant effect and allowing for the creation of stunning visual displays, much like LED floodlights. In contrast, LED linear lights find their primary use in outlining buildings or achieving dynamic digital screen effects. They can also be installed in corners to cast light onto the walls, although LED wall washers offer greater flexibility in application.

2. Specifications and Parameters:

DMX wall washers are typically high-power products, while LED linear lights are predominantly low-power alternatives. The high-power capacity of LED washer Lights allows for greater distance between the light source and the wall, ensuring optimal illumination. Conversely, low-power LED linear lights are perfectly suited for creating outlines. Heat dissipation and waterproofing pose greater challenges for LED wall washers, requiring drainage and convection design. During production, specialized equipment such as a wall washer glue-filling machine to ensure structural waterproofing.

3. Product Appearance:

Many LED wall washers feature lenses, providing a visually appealing aesthetic. The presence of brackets allows for easy adjustment of the light angle, accommodating various application requirements.

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WIN-E Illumination Lighting Co., Ltd stands at the forefront of LED lighting innovation, offering a wide range of cutting-edge DMX wall washers, linear lights, pixel lights, and burial lights. With a focus on landscape and facade lighting, our products redefine architectural brilliance, providing stunning effects and unmatched versatility. Experience the transformative power of our LED lighting solutions and trust us to illuminate your spaces with brilliance, elegance, and a touch of cultural heritage. Discover the possibilities with WIN-E Illumination and embrace a new era of lighting excellence.