September 28, 2023

Choosing Outdoor Wall Lighting Fixtures for Various Wall Materials: Key Considerations

When it comes to outdoor lighting projects, selecting the right Wall Washer fixtures for different wall materials is crucial. In this blog, Win-E Illumination Lighting will guide you through the essential factors to consider when choosing outdoor wall lighting fixtures for walls of various materials. Discover the nuances of wall types, colors, light effects, and color temperature requirements, and learn how Win-E Illumination can provide the perfect wall washer solutions to enhance your outdoor spaces.

1. Commonly Used Wall Types for Outdoor Lighting Fixtures:

a. Walls with a textured surface: Modeling walls, cultural bricks, etc.
b. Flat walls: Exterior walls of residential buildings.
c. Reflective walls: Mirror walls, walls with reflective materials, glossy marble walls, etc.
d. Translucent walls: Glass surfaces.

2. Impact of Wall Colors on Outdoor Lighting Installation:

a. Dark-colored walls: Strong light absorption properties, such as black.
b. Light-colored walls: Beige, light gray, etc.
c. White walls.

3. Different Light Effects on Various Walls:

a. Textured walls have lower requirements for lighting effects.
b. Flat walls produce more noticeable light effects. Pay attention to lighting height.
c. Reflective and translucent walls are more suitable for outline effects rather than direct lighting.

4. Color Temperature Requirements Based on Wall Colors:

a. Dark walls require low color temperatures, such as golden light below 2000K, or brighter colors like blue and red for impactful effects.
b. Light-colored walls have flexible color temperature requirements based on customer preferences.
c. White walls offer more versatility, with options like golden light and warm white light commonly used for effective illumination.

5. Power Requirements for Wall Lighting Fixtures:

Dark walls require nearly twice the power of light-colored walls to achieve the same lighting effect. For example, a light-colored wall with a height of two meters may only need an 18W wall washer, while a dark wall would require a 36W wall washer. Understanding this difference is crucial for accurate lighting design.


Choosing the right outdoor wall lighting fixtures is essential for achieving stunning lighting effects on walls of different materials. Win-E Illumination Lighting has provided valuable insights into the nuances of wall types, colors, light effects, and color temperature requirements. With Win-E Illumination’s extensive range of wall washer solutions, you can effortlessly enhance your outdoor spaces with captivating illumination. Trust in Win-E Illumination’s expertise and discover the perfect wall washer fixtures that will transform your outdoor environment into a visually breathtaking masterpiece.