November 27, 2023

Distinguishing outdoor inground Lights : Polarized vs. Adjustable Angle Options

Creating well-lit, aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces is an important part of any landscape design. Inground lights discreetly embedded into walkways, patios and planting beds provide versatile lighting solutions that enhance both function and beauty after dusk. There are many benefits to considering inground lights for your outdoor illumination needs.

Inground Lights Save Space

Unlike free-standing pole lights or wall-mounted fixtures, inground lights do not take up valuable above-ground real estate. This allows for maximum usable space whether it’s a patio where people gather or a pathway where foot traffic flows. Having lights emanate up from ground level also helps preserve unobstructed nighttime views.

Discreet Design

The sunken design of inground lights keeps the lights themselves hidden from sight during the day. This low-profile approach creates a very clean, seamless aesthetic that doesn’t detract from natural landscaping elements or architecture. Lights only become visible at night, providing subtle, attractive ambient glows or targeted task lighting as needed.

Durability and Long Lifespan

Properly installed inground lights are protected underground from weathering elements like rain, snow, wind, and sun exposure that can shorten the lifespan of above-ground fixtures over time. While installation does require some labor, inground lights are then virtually maintenance-free and can last 10 years or longer when using long-life LED light sources.

Safety and Guidance

Subtle lighting along walkways and steps prevents trip hazards after dark and guides safe movement throughout the outdoor space. Compared to overhead cove lighting which washes out night vision, low-level inground lighting is gentler on the eyes and actually improves visibility of uneven surfaces.

Considerations for Inground Light Types

Two main types of inground lights are lens-polarized and externally adjustable models. Lens-polarized lights have fixed beam angles set during installation. Externally adjustable lights allow on-site aiming of light post-setup, which offers more flexibility. Both provide quality lighting with durable aluminum or stainless steel housings suitable for outdoor areas.

Win-E Illumination offers a wide selection of quality inground light fixtures that meet various landscape and architectural lighting needs. Their lens-polarized line begins with basic economical single LED models, while their top-end externally adjustable fixtures include multi-LED options with correlated color temperatures adjustable from warm white to cool daylight on a dimmable 0-10V driver system. All feature long rated lifespans and carry a 5-year warranty.

For beautiful, functional outdoor illumination, consider hidden inground lights from Win-E Illumination – they will withstand the elements for many years and provide elegantly simple lighting solutions.