August 30, 2023

High and Low Voltage Advantages of LED Light Wall Washer

The light wall washer is a lighting fixture with multiple uses. It can be used for various lighting projects such as building lighting, garden lighting, outdoor lighting, ancient building lighting, bridge lighting, etc., and has excellent effects. Loved by many customers. The main usage of the wall washer is to brighten the wall, turning the wall into a flowing light curtain and water curtain, which is too beautiful to behold. Especially when used on bridges, if there is a water spray effect, it will look more beautiful and moving, just like a rainbow.

The color of light wall washer can be described as colorful, which is adjusted according to the effect of different use environments and places. And its controllers are all implemented through programming code operations, so they are very intelligent. The realization of this light effect is mainly due to the use of successful high-power LEDs as light sources, and the service life is also very long, greater than 5000 hours. This kind of light is strip-shaped, and the high-quality housing is usually made of aluminum. Due to its design, the projection angle can adjust in a very wide range and the brightness is also very high. There are fix screw holes on the outside of the lamp housing to facilitate the installation of the interface.

In response to the different needs of customers for light wall washer, we provide lights with irregular models. Professional design can also carry out, but of course it requires a strong manufacturer. Especially for the controller, professional programming is required so that intelligent operation can be achieved during use.


LED wall washers are available in high voltage and low voltage specifications, so how do you choose?

First, let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of high and low voltage:

1. Advantages and disadvantages of low-voltage led wall washers

Advantages of low voltage wall washer:

1. Safety: Low-voltage lamps are generally DC12V/24/36V, which are safe for the human body to withstand the voltage. In the case of the wire skin being cut or other reasons for leakage, the human body will not be harmed by contact.

2. Longer life: Because the circuit is DC low voltage, it uses fewer components and has a longer life.

3. No flicker: Since DC voltage is used, the flicker phenomenon in AC use is avoided.

4. Small size: Because there is no need for complex circuits, the size can be as small as possible.

Disadvantages of low voltage light wall washer:

1. It needs to be connected to a low-voltage power supply, which is not compatible with the commonly used 220V.

2. Short transmission distance: Within a limited wire diameter range, the transmission distance is short.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of high-pressure wall washer:

Advantages of high-pressure led wall washers:

1. Easy to use: It can directly replace existing 220V circuit lamps, without the need for circuit conversion or wiring changes.

2. Strong versatility: good match with accessories on the current market.

3. Long transmission distance: Compared with low voltage, the transmission distance is longer.

Disadvantages of high-pressure light wall washer:

1. High voltage is dangerous.

2. The volume is large.