October 13, 2023

How Far Should A Outdoor LED Linear Wall Washer Be From The Wall?

The distance between an outdoor linear wall washer and the wall depends on various factors, including the desired lighting effect, the beam angle of the fixture, and the height of the installation.

Here are some general guidelines to consider when determining the distance:

1.Lighting Effect

The distance between the outdoor linear wall washer and the wall will affect the spread and intensity of the light on the surface. If you want a more even and diffuse illumination, you may need to place the wall washer closer to the wall. If you want more concentrated and defined highlights, you may need to position it farther away.

2.Beam Angle

The beam angle of the outdoor linear washer lights will determine the width of the light spread. A narrower beam angle will require the fixture to be placed closer to the wall to achieve the desired coverage. Conversely, a wider beam angle may allow for a greater distance between the fixture and the wall.

3.Height of Installation

The height at which the outdoor linear wall washer is install can also affect the optimal distance from the wall. Higher installations may require the fixture to be positioned farther away to cover a larger surface area, while lower installations may allow for a closer proximity.

4.Trial and Error

It may be helpful to experiment and adjust the distance during the installation process to achieve the desired lighting effect. You can move the wall washer closer or farther from the wall and evaluate the illumination until the desired result is achieved.

It’s important to consider the specific specifications and recommendations provided by the manufacturer of the outdoor linear wall washer you are using. They may provide guidelines based on the beam angle, light output, and intended use of the fixture.

Additionally, local lighting regulations and codes should be follow, especially for outdoor installations. Consult with a professional lighting designer or installer. Who can provide guidance specific to your project and ensure compliance with applicable standards.