April 8, 2024

How to carry out building lighting design

Generally speaking, building lighting is a targeted and differentiated lighting design based on the different styles and layouts of the building. This kind of lighting can not only reflect the nature, structure, characteristics, and architectural features of the building but can also be based on the building’s different styles and layouts. Different characteristics have different lighting methods.
There are mainly the following methods in building lighting design:

1. Contour lighting

It refers to a lighting method that uses light to outline the outline of a building directly.

2. Floodlighting

It refers to a kind of lighting that targets the outdoors or the site is brighter than the surrounding environment. It is a way of projecting light to illuminate the facade of the building at night. This method is not used at present, because it cannot outline the architectural texture, but only provides a unified and non-personalized lighting design for some or all areas.

3. Cascading lighting

It is a kind of contrast that uses different light colors to illuminate parts of a building that highlight the characteristics of the building while keeping other parts dark.

4. Translucent lighting

It is a lighting method that uses indoor light to project outward, so there is no need to install lighting equipment on the building facade, and it can create a beautiful nighttime effect on some buildings with glass curtain wall structures.

5. Accent lighting

This method is similar to cascading lighting. Instead, it mostly uses narrow beam lamps to illuminate local surfaces, forming a strong contrast with the surroundings and a unique visual effect through rhythmic light and dark changes.

6. Background lighting

This is a way of using light to separate the illuminated building from its background, keeping the building dark and creating a well-defined image illumination on the background.

7. Functional lighting

It uses indoor and outdoor functional lighting, such as indoor lighting, advertising signs, window lighting, road lighting, etc., to decorate the outdoor night scene.

8. Night scene lighting

It is a lighting method that integrates night scene lighting sources or lamps with the building structure of the walls, columns, eaves, windows, corners, or roof parts of the building facade and is designed and constructed simultaneously with the main building.

9. Multiple spatial, three-dimensional lighting

Also known as light show lighting, it starts from the spatial facade environment of a building or building group, combines the use of multiple lighting methods, and uses moderate light and dark changes, clear outlines, and shadows to display corresponding effects, fully The lighting that displays its three-dimensional characteristics and cultural and artistic connotations can be combined with the cultural customs and architectural features of the city where the building is located, such as figures.

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