September 15, 2023

How to Choose an LED Bridge Lights for Bridge Lighting Projects

Bridges serve important transportation and structural functions, but they also create memorable landmarks and focal points within cities when illuminated artistically. Architectural bridge lighting using LED fixtures can highlight the graceful lines, cables, and arches of bridges to create visually stunning scenes after dark. However high-quality LED bridge lights are essential to achieving both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting performance.

Shenzhen Win-E Illumination Lighting Co. has over 10 years of experience engineering LED lighting solutions for bridges of all sizes. Their high-powered LED bridge lights are precision-designed for architectural enhancement, durability, and easy maintenance. Read on to learn what to look for when choosing LED bridge lighting and how Win-E can help create breathtaking bridge illumination.

Choosing the Right LED Bridge Lights

Several factors should guide your selection process when specifying LED bridge lighting, Such as Wall Washer, Outdoor Linear Light Bar, LED Pixel, etc:

– Lumens & Beam Angle – Higher lumen packages paired with optimized optics provide the powerful illumination needed to cover large bridge surface areas evenly from a distance.

– Thermal Management – Industrial-grade heat sinks, thermal transfer materials, and housing finishes are essential to properly dissipate heat for reliability.

– Ingress Protection – Tight IP66 and IP67 ratings are necessary for dust and moisture resistance on bridges located near water, fog, and pollution.

– Housing – Heavy-duty aluminum or stainless steel housings withstand decades of vibrations, weather, and potential impacts. Copper housings offer enhanced heat sinking.

– Lens Material – Glass lenses provide transparency and light transmission. Polycarbonate, acrylic, or silicone offer high impact resistance. Lens coatings improve durability.

– Power Supply – Commercial grade power supplies with surge protection preserve stable operation through grid fluctuations and electrical noise from heavy equipment around bridges.

– Accessories – Visors, louver baffles, snoots, and external louvers control glare. Safety cables provide secondary retention. External dimming knobs simplify adjustments.

– Mounting – Swiveling brackets, yokes, and rigging points for suspension offer flexible aiming for lighting façades and undersides.

– Warranty – Multi-year warranties on LED bridge lights ensure you are covered for component or manufacturing defects. Quick replacements minimize downtime.

Win-E Offers Durable and Powerful LED Bridge Lights

Win-E Illumination possesses in-house optical, thermal, and electrical engineering expertise to produce high-quality LED lighting purpose-built for bridges. Our LED bridge lights deliver features such as:

– High-powered Epistar, COB, CREE, or Osram LEDs paired with precision secondary optics to achieve extremely bright and even illumination.

– Industrial-grade heat sinks, thermal pads, and housings to maintain proper LED cooling.

– Rigorous ingress testing with premium gaskets and silicone lens seals for IP66 or IP67 waterproof protection.

– Tempered glass lenses or impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses.

– Surge protection rated for 6kV peak transients to withstand grid spikes.

With high-performing LED components situated in robust bridge light housing engineered for heat dissipation, optical control, and ease of servicing, Win-E fixtures will illuminate bridges reliably for decades.

Customized Lighting Design Services

Proper aiming and positioning of LED bridge lights takes expert planning using lighting simulation software. Win-E’s experienced team can provide critical services like:

– Photometric test reports and IES files to visualize lighting distribution.

– Lighting simulation of different LED lumen packages, optics, and mounting locations based on bridge size and shape.

– Recommendations on fixture spacing, light bar lengths, and aiming angles to achieve uniform illumination.

– Renderings of the completed design visualizing the light levels and uniformity across the bridge.

– Mechanical drawings showing installation details for mounting brackets and cabling.

– Electrical requirements including volt/wire sizing, junction boxes, and circuit loading.

– Installation and final aiming commissioning and training services.

Prior to final LED fixture production and deployment, these services ensure the LED bridge lighting design meets your requirements.

Frequently Asked LED Bridge Lighting Questions

Those unfamiliar with illuminating bridges will likely have these common queries:

1. How are LED bridge lights installed and wired?

LED bridge lights use adjustable rigging brackets for bolting onto surfaces or suspending from cables. IP68 quick disconnects enable safe servicing.

2. How do you prevent glare from LED bridge lighting?

Glare control requires careful aiming plus accessories like external louvers, shields, baffles, or visors. Fixtures must be tilted and oriented to graze oblique to traffic sight lines.

3. Can dynamic colors or effects be added to LED bridge lights?

RGBW color-changing LED bridge lights support dynamic pre-programmed or synchronized shows via DMX512 control. Animated lighting expands possibilities.

4. What maintenance is required for LED bridge lights?

With 50,000+ hour lifespans, LED bridge lights themselves need little maintenance. 

Choose Win-E Illumination for Your Bridge Lighting Project

Shenzhen Win-E Illumination offers high-quality, durable LED bridge lighting products backed by decades of lighting engineering expertise. Our advanced fixtures and design services help you achieve breathtaking LED architectural illumination of any bridge. Contact Win-E today for a complimentary consultation on planning and executing your upcoming bridge lighting project.