November 30, 2023

How to replace a failue LED External Linear Light

LED external control linear light, if I replace a bad light, do I still need to rewrite the address?

In response to the recent email inquiry received by Win-E Illumination’s customer service from a U.S. customer regarding a broken LED External Linear Light for a previously purchased, our dedicated team immediately took action to address the customer’s concerns. Understanding the urgency of the situation, business manager Clara promptly reached out to the customer for a comprehensive discussion.

Upon analyzing the customer’s specific requirements, our team determined that the previous manufacturer had failed to locate a suitable replacement for the broken external control. The customer expressed interest in replacing it with our DMX LED Linear Light and sought clarification on whether there was a need to rewrite the address.

Win-E Illumination’s customer service clarified that for general external controls, rewriting the address is typically necessary. Instead, the customer can assess the interface to determine the number of cores. Generally, a four-core wire indicates a standard external control, and addressing changes can be made accordingly.

However, a crucial distinction was made for DMX512 external controls, identifiable by a five-core wire. In such cases, addressing becomes imperative. Despite the similarities in appearance between ordinary external controls and DMX512 external controls, the underlying circuit boards and connectors differ significantly. Emphasizing that while the appearance may be similar, the internal components dictate the addressing requirements.

Furthermore, the response on the variations in output cables for DMX LED Linear Lights. with some utilizing 4Pin Connectors featuring UCS512B3 or TM512AB3 IC Chip. while others employ 5PIN Connectors with UCS512C4, which incorporates three data cables.

In addition to addressing the immediate concern of the customer, this detailed explanation went into great detail about how our DMX LED Linear Lights are compatible with external controls. Win-E Illumination remains committed to ensuring a seamless experience for customers, offering tailored solutions and expert guidance for all inquiries.

In addition to replacing a failed LED linear light fixture, the controller needs to be replaced as well, depending on what you originally used before switching to the IC model. As I said in the above phase.

Usually, it is not advisable to connect DMX LED External Linear Light from different manufacturers. This is due to variations in connectors, cable definitions, and corresponding IC chips, as well as differences in internal circuit boards. Using line lights from different manufacturers can easily result in damage to the originally well-functioning lamps and lanterns. All the DMX LED Linear Lighting fixtures need to reset the address when replacing a new light.
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