March 19, 2024

LED Transparent Screens: Brightness Selection and Environmental Considerations

In the realm of LED transparent screens, choosing the right brightness is paramount to ensuring optimal performance in diverse environments. At Win-E Illumination, we prioritize not only the display effect but also environmental factors, offering tailored solutions for every setting.

Understanding Brightness Selection

1. Avoiding Costly Pitfalls:

Some manufacturers offer only high-brightness options, inflating costs for consumers who may not require such intensity. We provide a range of brightness options to suit every need, preventing unnecessary expenses.

2. Indoor Recommendations:

For indoor settings, we suggest a brightness range of 800-1200cd/㎡ to avoid glare and excessive power consumption while maintaining an optimal viewing experience.

3. Outdoor Applications:

In environments exposed to direct sunlight, such as glass curtain walls, a brightness range of 5000–6000cd/㎡ is recommended. We adhere to local regulations regarding outdoor LED display brightness to ensure compliance.

4. Semi-Outdoor Solutions:

In semi-outdoor spaces without direct sunlight, a brightness range of 3000–4500 cd/㎡ strikes a balance between visibility and energy efficiency, meeting the unique needs of each customer.

An array of LED transparent screens displaying vibrant visuals in various indoor and outdoor settings.

Tailored Solutions from Win-E Illumination

At Win-E Illumination, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to LED transparent screens. That’s why we offer a diverse range of brightness options to accommodate various usage environments:

1. 1000–2000 CD: Ideal for indoor settings with moderate lighting conditions, striking a balance between clarity and energy efficiency.
2. 2500–3800 CD: Perfect for environments where brightness is crucial but excessive glare must be avoided, ensuring optimal visibility without discomfort.
3. 4000-5000 CD: Tailored for applications requiring enhanced visibility, such as retail displays or brightly lit indoor spaces.
4. 5500–6500 CD: Designed for outdoor installations facing direct sunlight, providing maximum visibility and clarity in challenging lighting conditions.

Achieving Cost-Effective Stability

Our commitment to cost-effective solutions extends beyond brightness selection. By offering tailored recommendations and competitive pricing, we ensure that our clients receive the highest cost performance and stability from their LED transparent screens.

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