December 4, 2023

Manufacturers Share Tips: Translucent Lighting in Architectural Night Design

Architectural lighting design is an important means of adding “light” and “color” to the building and is an important part of the architectural and decorative design, Led high-power wall washer light manufacturers WIN-E Illumination for your interpretation. Architectural lighting as a means of engineering, must follow the laws of architectural design, subordinate to the use of the building function. In the process of lighting the building, designers can use different lighting methods according to the characteristics of the building itself, and internal translucent lighting is one of them.

1. Hidden lamps and lanterns, reduce equipment visual pollution

The lighting design of internal translucent lighting, mainly wants to hide the lamps and lanterns, to achieve the effect of seeing the light but not seeing the lamps. We commonly see the night scene, one is done by the indoor lighting, common in the glass curtain wall office buildings, some will also use LED line light wall washer lights in the indoor window edge to do the effect. There is also an external wall surface with modeling aluminum composite panels, inside the LED lighting lamps and lanterns to achieve the effect of internal light transmission.

2. Reduce light pollution

Whether on the ground or in the wall of the building body to set up floodlighting fixtures, it is difficult to avoid the glare caused by the building window interference. At the same time, light from the bottom up easily reflects the sky through the wall and glass, causing light pollution and reducing the visibility of the night sky.

If the main use is internal transmittance, not only is the power of the light source itself usually much smaller than outdoor lamps and lanterns, but also the light emitted strictly defined in a ‘hole’ in the middle, making it easy to control the lighting method.

In summary

The use of internal translucent lighting in the project can play a positive role in the lighting of the building facade. The biggest feature of internal translucent lighting is the unique lighting effect and easy maintenance. At night is the inner light to the outside, and a large number of windows form a bright light-emitting surface to decorate the architectural night scene, the landscape is unique and full of life.

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