April 10, 2024

Optimizing Distribution Box Installation for Media Facades

Mastering Distribution Box Installation for Outdoor Media Facade Lighting Projects: A Comprehensive Guide by Win-E Illumination

Outdoor media facade lighting projects require meticulous attention to detail, especially in the installation of distribution boxes. These distribution boxes serve as the nerve center of the lighting system, ensuring not only functionality but also safety. In this guide, Win-E Illumination delves into the key points for distribution box installation, providing insights and best practices to elevate the quality and performance of outdoor media facade lighting projects.

Understanding Distribution Box Installation:

1. Power Supply Method Selection:
– For outdoor media facade lighting systems, the choice of power supply method is crucial. Depending on the current requirements, either a regional public low-voltage power grid or a three-phase system may be selected to ensure optimal performance and stability.
– Ensure compatibility with the LED devices’ electrical capacity and adhere to voltage and current carrying capacity standards.

2. Power Cord Selection:
– Utilize PVC or rubber-sheathed insulated wires certified by 3C to guarantee safety and reliability.
– Cross-sectional area and withstand voltage should meet regulatory requirements to accommodate the demands of the lighting system.

Installation Procedures:

1. Calculation and Component Selection:
– Calculate the current of each phase based on the capacity of the media facade.
– Select appropriate components, such as fuses, circuit breakers, AC contactors, and meters, to ensure efficient distribution and monitoring of electricity.

2. Wiring and Connection:
– Utilize insulated wires for wiring, with particular attention to the cross-sectional area matching the current size.
– Employ hydraulic pliers for conductors exceeding 10 square mm to ensure secure connections.
– Follow a systematic installation process encompassing distribution board installation, wiring, hole punching, numbering, and lock installation.

An image showing outdoor media facade lighting illuminating a building facade, creating a visually captivating display.

Key Considerations:

1. Environmental Protection:
– Ensure outdoor distribution boxes are moisture-proof, dust-proof, and rain-proof to withstand harsh weather conditions.
– Maintain a minimum protection level of IP43 and incorporate water seepage outlets for additional safeguarding.

2. Bus Bar Configuration:
– Install separate neutral line (N) and protective (PE) line bus bars within the distribution box.
– Distribute neutral and protective ground wires accordingly through the bus board to maintain electrical integrity.

3. Wiring Best Practices:
– Avoid connecting more than two wires to the same terminal in screw-pressed terminal blocks.
– Maintain uniform cross-sectional areas for wires connected on both sides of screws to prevent electrical hazards.

4. Safety Features:
– Ensure flexibility and reliability in switch action within the distribution box, incorporating a leakage protection circuit.
– Set the operating current of the leakage protection device to not exceed 30 mA with an operating time not exceeding 0.1 s.


Mastering the installation of distribution boxes is paramount for the success of outdoor media facade lighting projects. By adhering to meticulous procedures, selecting appropriate components, and prioritizing safety measures, Win-E Illumination ensures the seamless integration and optimal performance of lighting systems, contributing to captivating and visually stunning media facades.