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30mm led pixel facade light IP67 RGB Architectural LED Pixel Dot Facade Light

1. Adopt a one-piece molding process with high protection level;
2. Thickened high-quality resistance rubber, anti-UV, anti-salt spray, and impact resistance;
3. Adapt to a variety of installation methods, the installation is simple and reliable;
4. It is often used to outline the outline of the building, and it can perfectly replace the line light products to realize running water, horse racing, Video images and other effects, and can also produce large advertising displays, large city signs, and text light sources


The 30mm led pixel facade light is a type of lighting system. It combines LED technology with programmable pixels to create dynamic and visually appealing lighting displays on building facades. These pixel lights use in architectural lighting design to enhance the aesthetics of buildings and create captivating visual effects.

30mm led pixel facade light typically consists of individual LED nodes or modules. It’s controlled individually or in groups. Each LED node can emit different colors and intensities. Which allows for the creation of intricate patterns, animations, and color-changing effects. The programming, it’s using specialized software or controllers to achieve specific lighting sequences and designs.

The introduction of 30mm-led pixel facade light has revolutionized the field of architectural lighting by offering greater flexibility, energy efficiency, and creative possibilities compared to traditional lighting systems. These lights can transform the appearance of buildings, making them stand out during nighttime and creating a unique visual identity.

LED pixel facade lights have a wide range of applications in architectural lighting design and urban environments. LED pixel facade lights extensively use to illuminate and enhance the visual appeal of building exteriors. They installed it on the façade surface or integrated into architectural elements such as walls, windows, or columns. The lights can create stunning lighting effects, highlight architectural features, and transform the appearance of buildings.

LED pixel facade lights employ to illuminate landmarks, monuments, and public sculptures. By using programmable pixels, intricate patterns, and color-changing effects.  Bring these structures to life, making them more visually striking and captivating.



Model Number :GP-30
Dimension: Φ30mm*14.5mm
LED Chip : Epistar, Cree, Osram…..
Material: PC /PVC
Voltage :DC12V
Power:0.72W / 0.96W
SMD Type :SMD3535*3RGB / SMD3535*3RGB+1 White
LED Color: RGB / RGBW / 2000-6500K
Control mode;SPI, DMX , 2000-6500K
Waterproof grade: IP67
Life-Span: 50000H
Operating Temp: -40℃ to 55℃
Warranty: 3 Year Standard or 5 Year Extended Warranty

Install Method

Install Method 1:
Fixing By Aluminum Profile.

Install Method 2:
Fixing by Steel wire + Mounting Clip.
This install method is convenient and quick to install, and the cost is low.

Install Method 3:
Fixing by Srew

Install Method 4:
Fixing by Panel With Hole



What are the application scenarios of landscape lighting-led point light sources?
1. Outline of buildings, viaducts, and bridges; signs and signs;
2. City square ground decoration lighting; outdoor advertising display, building display
3. Decorative lighting of amusement facilities; decorative lighting of ancient buildings
4. The top of the building is decorated and brightened; text and image lines are outlined;
5. Special-shaped and personalized lamps with the built-in light source

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