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3D DMX RGB Kinetic Ball lighting for stage lighting projects

1. LED lifting color ball has indoor use type and waterproof type, widely used in the performance venue above to do three-dimensional group, nightclubs, KTV special effects 2.
2. The lower part of the ball is made of translucent unique plastic material, not easy to break, and anti-UV.
3. The color ball adopts high-brightness LED beads (R.G.B), emitting soft light from various angles.
4. the lifting system drives the color ball up and down, through the DMX signal controller programming, according to the requirements of different effects.
5. The elevator and light ball are packed independently, and easy to install. Remote control, dimming, timing


This Kinetic ball  lighting can be used in a variety of places, free with the appearance of an exquisite, durable, round screen with anti-circuit short-circuit and other features

Win-E Illumination Kinetic Ball Lighting Safety Wizard:
1. Please save the instruction manual for future reference.
2. Before use, please open the package and carefully check whether the machine has been damaged during transportation.
3. Before use, please make sure the voltage and current are the same as the required voltage and current of the fixture.
4. Please ground the power cord to prevent static electricity.
5. This fixture must be placed in a well-ventilated area and kept at least 50 cm away from other objects. 6.
6. Keep away from flammable objects during operation to prevent fire hazards.
7. Use safe products when wiring or connecting plugs. 8.
8. When the lamp malfunctions, please stop using it immediately and contact the nearest authorized technical center; do not repair it by yourself, as repair by non-professional technicians may result in damage or malfunction of the machine.
9. Do not touch the wires and lamps when the lamps are running to avoid accidents.

Lamp Maintenance
1. The lamps must cleaned frequently, which can make the lighting effect better.
2. Use a soft white cloth and a special glass cleaner. 3.
3. Clean the exterior of the fixture at least every 20 days.
Fixture Installation Warning
The LED Kinetic ball lighting is only suitable for use in fixed bracket installations and must be effectively connected to a ground wire before it can be switched on.



1. Voltage: AC220V
2. Lifting range: 0-800CM
3. Fastest moving speed: ≥ 200CM/second
4. Control method: DMX512
5. DMX channel: 10CHS
6. Display: 4-digit digital tube
7. Load-bearing cable: diameter 4MM
8. Synchronization error: <3MM
9. Protection level: IP20
10. Installation method: vertical lifting
11. Safety guarantee: physical braking, electronic protection

Install Method





What are the application scenarios of 3D-led pixel ball light?  Entertainment or stage lighting, such as clubs and KTV


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