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3D Programmable Christmas twinkly Led String Lights Rgb LED Pixel ball

1. 360 degree luminous, no shadow design;
2. Unique product appearance, which can be customized in a variety of shapes;
3. High-quality resistive rubber material, UV resistance, weather resistance;
4. Suitable for 3D modeling lights, Internet celebrity hall, KTV decoration, supermarket 3D screen, hotel decoration, APP dot matrix 3D interactive screen
5. It can cooperate with the professional interactive system to realize mobile phone APP interaction, sound and light interaction, and human body induction interaction;


A 3D RGB LED pixel ball light is a lighting fixture that consists of a spherical structure. Mading individual LED pixels arranged in a three-dimensional pattern. These LED pixels are capable of emitting light. Programming to display various colors, patterns, and visual effects. 3D LED ball lights are typically constructed using a spherical framework made of durable materials such as metal, plastic, or acrylic. The individual LED pixels are evenly distributed throughout the structure. Giving the appearance of a solid, illuminated sphere. The size of the pixel balls can vary, ranging from small handheld versions to large-scale installations.

The 3D LED pixel ball light is often used in decorative lighting applications to create eye-catching displays and captivating visual effects. The spherical shape of the fixture allows for a wide viewing angle. Ensuring that the light is visible from multiple directions.

1.24mm pixel LED ball is the PCB in the middle, double of LEDs on the PCB, so make the ball with 360degree, we also can call 3D pixel led string light.

2. The pixel-led ball light has with a diameter of 50mm, Each ic chip ws2811/ucs1903/ws2811 controls 2pcs of smd3535 RGB LED Diodes, so each ball is separate.

3. In the middle of the ball, we also have a cover on the PCB, then the next side with glue on them, so they are fully waterproof, you can use them for the outside.

4. This 3D RGB LED Pixel normally 20pcs/string, Also can do customized length, Maximum 100PCS/String, And Mixmum Pixel Pitch is 5CM.

5. 3D twinkly pixel led ball uses 4Pin waterproof Transparent cable.

6. For the cover of the 3D LED ball light, we have a milky white cover and a clear cover.


Model Number :Q24
Dimension: Φ24mmX30mm
LED Chip : Epistar, Cree, Osram…..
Material: PC /PVC
Voltage :DC12V
SMD Type :SMD3535*2RGB
LED Color: RGB / 2000-6500K
Control mode;SPI, DMX , 2000-6500K
Waterproof grade: IP67
Life-Span: 50000H
Operating Temp: -40℃ to 55℃
Warranty: 3 Year Standard or 5 Year Extended Warranty

Install Method




Install drawing


What are the application scenarios of 3D led pixel ball light?

1.Building lighting decoration.
2.Media facade lighting decoration.
3.Large shopping mall exterior, public park, decoration.
4.Entertainment or stage lighting,such as clubs and KTV
Hotels led screen.


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