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Artnet DMX Controller 12 Port Stage Madrix DMX Controller for wedding/DJ/party/disco

1. FPGA as the core processor, to achieve high load, high speed, high gray, and high synchronization control.
2. Offline SD card controller, plug and play.
3. OLED display screen, display parameters and address code, quick button setting address code and parameters.
4. Support 12 port output, each port support 1360 pixels, and the single support 16K pixels.
5. Can support a variety of lighting driver IC: DMX512, UCS series, TM series, LX series, GW series, TLS series, MY series, and so on.
6. The output interface is compatible with the RS485 signal and SPI (TTL) signal.
7. choose the energy-saving mode and brightening mode.
8. Up to 65536 gray level control, built-in user-defined gamma correction curve.



GC-6612Pro Artnet DMX Controller is a 12-port SD card, offline controller. With 12 groups of output ports, can support DMX512, and SPI-type lamps. Such as TM1812, WS2811, UCS2903, UCS9812, SM17512, Etc in the industry. GC-6612Pro uses FPGA as the core processor and realizes high load. high frame rate, high gray scale, and high synchronization control with the superparallel data computing capability of FPGA. The realization of a single station carrying a 16K pixel point is very conducive to the construction of the engineering site wiring.
GC-6612Pro has an Ethernet interface and supports ART-NET and GC-NET standards. Users can connect to the controller via Ethernet and preview online. ART-NET mode supports 96 DMX512 universes. Can control the KTV intelligent lighting control box and access the control console.

Multi-functional editing software included with this controller, “ShadowDraw,” an independent development. and Polar Color technology allows users to record MADRIX effect files for offline playback. The 6612 Artnet DMX Controller can be used for KTVs, bars, offices, hotels, shop signs, and other LED lighting applications.

This Artnet Controller can be SD cards of various capacities, like 128M-32GB, and supports a maximum of 64 scenario files. Can trigge by an external DMX512 console for extended use. and Support MIX、Grouping by external DMX512 console. MADRIX Online Preview, which can record ARTNET scene files. And LEDview Online Preview, which can Generate an SD scene file.

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Working Voltage: AC 90-240V
Power Consumption:3W
Input trigger interface: RJ45(DMX512)
Ethernet interface: RJ45(100M)
Output port: 12 ports
Control Qty/Port:1360 pixels
Output Signal:DMX512/SPI(TTL)
Working Temperature:-20℃~65℃
Dimension::L250×W175×H35 mm
Weight (G.W):1.3 Kg


Install Method


This Artnet-SPI/DMX Pixel light controller is dedicated to converting the Artnet signal into SPI signal, which is designed for large projects with high-density pixel light, such as 3D RGB LED Pixel Ball lights, LED Linear lamps, LED Pixel Strip, LED Wall Washer, LED Linear Light, etc. Besides converting Artnet-based control protocols into various LED driving IC signals, it also outputs DMX512 signals at the same time, convenient for the connection of different types of led lamps, and to achieve the unified control of all kinds of led lamps in the same project.

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