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B206 SPI DMX RGB Artnet Madrix LED Pixel Light Controller

1. With LCD display and built-in WEB SERVER setting interface, easy operation
2. Support Ethernet DMX protocol ArtNet E1.31, which can be expanded to other protocols.
3. 16 channels SPI(TTL) signal output, up to 5440 pixels control.
4. Output DMX512 signal at the same time, convenient for the connection of different types of LED Pixel lamps.
5. Support various LED driving IC, and flexible control.
6. Support online firmware upgrade
7. Adopt a DIP plug-in design for the easily-worn parts, Users can repair the damage caused by wrong wiring or short circuit
8. Built-in test mode, using a networking interface with an indicator light, work status is clear when at a glance.



Innovative Ethernet-SPI/DMX B204/206 Artnet Pixel Light LED Controller, specifically designed to transform Ethernet signals into SPI pixel signals. This cutting-edge controller is ideal for large-scale projects that require high-density pixel lights, including matrix panel lights and construction contour lamps.

With its advanced capabilities, our controller seamlessly converts Ethernet-based control protocols into various LED-driving IC signals. This allows for versatile control and compatibility with different types of LED lamps, providing a unified and synchronized lighting experience within the same project.

Not only does our Ethernet-SPI/DMX Artnet LED Pixel Light Controller excel in signal conversion, but it also offers the added convenience of simultaneously outputting DMX512 signals. This feature simplifies the connection and integration of different types of LED lamps, streamlining the overall lighting setup.

Designed for versatility and flexibility, our controller empowers you to achieve precise and synchronized control of your LED lighting installations. Whether you’re working on large-scale architectural projects, stage productions, or immersive lighting displays, our controller delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

The Ethernet-SPI/DMX Pixel Light Controller is engineered to meet the demands of professional lighting applications. Its robust construction ensures durability and longevity, allowing for continuous and reliable operation even in challenging environments.

Experience the power of unified control and unleash your creativity with our Ethernet-SPI/DMX Pixel Light Controller. Take your lighting projects to new heights with its ability to convert Ethernet signals, drive various LED lamps, and output DMX512 signals simultaneously. Elevate your lighting installations and create captivating visual displays that leave a lasting impact. Explore the possibilities of synchronized lighting control and bring your vision to life. Learn more about WIN-E Illumination Lighting.


Lighting Solutions service: Project Installation
Max. Load Power:1152W
Name: DMX512 interface programmable dmx led light controller
Working voltage: DC5V-24V
Output current:3A*16 channels
Input Ethernet control protocol: Artnet, E1.31
Output control IC: 2811/2801/2812/2812b/6803/3001/8806/9813
Control pixels: RGB: 340 Pixels*16CH RGBW: 256 Pixels*16CH
Output DMX: Two ports (2*512 channels)
Production dimension: L258* W145* H41(mm)
Color: Black

Install Method


This Artnet-SPI/DMX Pixel light controller is dedicated to converting the Artnet signal into SPI signal, which is designed for large projects with high-density pixel light, such as 3D RGB LED Pixel Ball lights, LED Linear lamps, LED Pixel Strip, LED Wall Washer, LED Linear Light, etc. Besides converting Artnet-based control protocols into various LED driving IC signals, it also outputs DMX512 signals at the same time, convenient for the connection of different types of led lamps, and to achieve the unified control of all kinds of led lamps in the same project.

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