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Digital Good Price For Outdoor DMX 24V 40mm LED RGB Pixel Module

1. Adopt a one-piece molding process with high protection level;
2. Thickened high-quality resistance rubber, anti-UV, anti-salt spray, and impact resistance;
3. Adapt to a variety of installation methods, the installation is simple and reliable;
4. It is often used to outline the outline of the building, and it can perfectly replace the line light products to realize running water, horse racing, Video images and other effects, and can also produce large advertising displays, large city signs, and text light sources.


LED rgb pixel dots, also known as pixel mapping or pixel control lighting. It is a technique that involves using individual light fixtures or modules. The aim is to create a display of dynamic and programmable lighting patterns on the exterior surface of a building or structure. Each light fixture or module represents a pixel. And together they form a grid or matrix that can be controlled independently to produce various lighting effects.

With led rgb pixel dots, the building’s facade becomes a canvas for artistic and interactive lighting displays. The individual light fixtures can program to change color, intensity, and even movement. Allowing for the creation of captivating visual effects, animations, and patterns. This technique enables the lighting designer to precisely control. And manipulate each pixel to achieve intricate and synchronized lighting designs.

The control of exterior facade pixel lighting is typically achieved through a centralized control system.

This system allows the led pixel dots lighting designer to program and synchronize the behavior of each individual pixel, creating dynamic lighting shows, color transitions, or interactive effects. Control systems can program to respond to various triggers, such as time, music, motion sensors, or user interaction, providing a versatile and engaging lighting experience.

LED led rgb pixel Module is often implemented using LED fixtures due to their flexibility, energy efficiency, and color capabilities. Commercial building facade lighting can individual addressed, allowing for precise control over each pixel. Moreover, LED technology offers a wide range of color options, including RGB (red, green, blue). RGBW (red, green, blue, white), and RGBY (red, green, blue, yellow). Enabling vibrant and visually stunning lighting displays.

This led rgb pixel dots lighting technique has gained popularity in architectural lighting, entertainment venues, and large-scale public installations. It provides architects and lighting designers with a powerful tool to enhance the visual impact of building. Creating immersive experiences, and transform the appearance of structures during nighttime. Making them dynamic and visually captivating landmarks.



Model Number :ZF40
Dimension: Φ40mm
LED Chip : Epistar, Cree, Osram…..
Material: PC /PVC
Voltage :DC24V
Power:1.44W / 1.92W
SMD Type :SMD3535*6RGB  / SMD3535*6RGB+2 White
LED Color: RGB / RGBW / 2000-6500K
Control mode;SPI, DMX , 2000-6500K
Waterproof grade: IP67
Life-Span: 50000H
Operating Temp: -40℃ to 55℃
Warranty: 3 Year Standard or 5 Year Extended Warranty

Install Method

Install Method 1:
Fixing By Aluminum Profile.

Install Method 2:
Fixing by Steel wire + Mounting Clip.
This install method is convenient and quick to install, and the cost is low.


Install Method 3:
Fixing by Srew


Install Method 4:
Fixing by Panel With Hole


What are the application scenarios of media facade lighting?
1. Outline of buildings, viaducts, and bridges; signs and signs;
2. City square ground decoration lighting; outdoor advertising display, building display;
3. Decorative lighting of amusement facilities; decorative lighting of ancient buildings;
4. The top of the building is decorated and brightened; text and image lines are outlined;
5. Special-shaped and personalized lamps with the built-in light source.


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