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F06 3000K 10W LED Landscape Spotlight

1. Lens optional

A variety of polarized lenses are available to meet the needs of various lighting projects

2. Color optional

Lamps can be configured with red light, white light, green light, blue light, warm yellow light, or RGB, RGBW

3. Multi-angle design, different angles can also be formulated according to your needs to achieve satisfactory light utilization.



Win-E Illumination F06 Spotlight Specific:

1. Classic Design: Illuminate your outdoor space effortlessly with our landscape lights. Featuring a 15°/30°/60° narrow beam angle, they perfectly highlight your house exterior, palm trees, and tall oaks. With a classic minimalist design, installation and cleaning are a breeze
2. Safety: This low voltage landscape light is easy to connect, with no worrying about fire hazards;
3. Made for Outdoor Use: Rugged aluminum housing with corrosion resistance & heat dissipation. Wet location rating brings better waterproof performance. This spotlight is the best choice for outdoor wet locations, resistant to damage from heavy rains
4. Make Your Neighbor Jealous: The landscape spotlight uses 6 LED chips and the upgraded lens brings sufficient brightness without glare. The high CRI of 90+ lets these low-voltage garden lights bring out the natural color of objects
5. Installed in a Flash: A long power cable and connectors make these landscape lights convenient to connect the power; easy and fast to install with the instructions provided in the package
6. Built to Last: With a 30,000hrs lifespan and backed by a 3-year warranty, please buy with confidence

Customization options are available with Win-E Illumination, allowing you to tailor the LED Wall light solution to your specific requirements. Whether it’s color temperature, beam angle, or design, Win-E Illumination offers flexibility to meet your unique needs.




1. Model No.: F06

2. LED Quantity: 1PCS/9PCS

3. Rated power: 9*1W/10W

4. Input voltage: AC85-265V/DC12V/DC24V

5. Dimension: 100*200*145mm

6. Lighting color: Monochrome/RGB/RGBW

7.Luminous flux: 800/860lm

8. Beam angle: 15°/30°/60°

9. Control method: Switch control/DMX512/DALI dimming

10. Lamp body material: Die casting + tempered glass

11. LED light source: OSRAM, CREE

12. Protection level: IP65/IP66

13. Ambient temperature: -35-50°

14. Service life: >30000h



Install Method


Wall lights have versatile applications and can be utilized in various settings to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of a space. Here are some common applications of wall lights:

Ambient Lighting: Wall lights can be used to create a warm and inviting ambiance in living rooms, bedrooms, or dining areas. They provide a soft, indirect glow that adds a cozy atmosphere to the space.

Task Lighting: Wall-mounted lights with adjustable arms or reading lights are ideal for providing focused illumination for specific tasks such as reading, studying, or working. They are commonly used in home offices, study areas, or next to beds for convenient task lighting.

Accent Lighting: Wall lights can be used to highlight and accentuate architectural features, artwork, or decorative elements in a room. They add a subtle yet impactful touch, drawing attention to specific areas or objects.

Outdoor Lighting: Wall lights designed for outdoor use are perfect for illuminating pathways, entrances, patios, and gardens. They enhance safety and security while also adding a decorative element to the exterior of buildings.

Decorative Lighting: Wall lights come in a wide range of designs, styles, and finishes, making them a popular choice for adding visual interest and decorative flair to any space. They can serve as statement pieces and contribute to the overall aesthetic of a room.

Wayfinding Lighting: Wall lights can be strategically placed along corridors, staircases, or hallways to provide guidance and ensure safe navigation in dimly lit areas.

Retail and Commercial Lighting: Wall lights are extensively used in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and offices to create a welcoming and visually appealing environment. They can be utilized for general illumination, highlighting merchandise, or adding a touch of sophistication to the space.



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