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F120 High Quality LED Street Light

1. A high-quality aluminum alloy, with an integrated shell, and high hardness, is not easy to break, has good heat dissipation, and greatly improves service life.
2. The lamp body is completely sealed and works in thunder and rain.
3. High-quality high-brightness LED light source, high luminous efficiency, high color rendering, no radiation, Pollution, long service life.
4. No EMI, low harmonic distortion (THD)
5. Working under the ambient temperature -30° to 55°



The F120 LED Street Light from Win-E Illumination is a top-tier illumination solution that combines exceptional durability, advanced performance, and unparalleled energy efficiency. Engineered to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions, this street light is built to last.

The F120’s high-quality aluminum alloy construction with an integrated shell provides remarkable hardness and resilience at its core. This robust housing not only protects the internal components but also ensures excellent heat dissipation, significantly extending the lifespan of the light.

The F120, engineered for reliable operation, seals completely to function seamlessly in thunderstorms and heavy rain. This weatherproof design ensures consistent, uninterrupted illumination, making it an ideal choice for municipal street lighting, parking lots, and other outdoor applications.

Powering the F120 is a high-quality, high-brightness LED light source with exceptional luminous efficiency and color rendering. Removing harmful radiation and pollution, the F120’s advanced LED technology delivers years of dependable, energy-efficient lighting.

The F120 features negligible EMI and low THD, ensuring clean, stable power delivery. Operating from -30°C to 55°C, the F120 is a versatile lighting solution for diverse climates.

The F120 LED Street Light combines rugged construction, advanced LED tech, and exceptional weatherproofing. Its uncompromising quality and performance make the F120 the ideal durable, energy-efficient lighting solution.


1. Model No.: F120

2. LED Quantity: /

3. Rated power: 50-200W

4. Input voltage: AC85-265V

5. Dimension: As below dimension drawing

6. Lighting color: Monochrome/RGB/RGBW

7. Luminous flux: 120-130 lm/w

8. Beam angle: 15°/24°/36°/48°/60°/90°

9. Control method: Switch control/DMX512/DALI dimming

10. Lamp body material: Die casting + tempered glass

11. LED light source: OSRAM, CREE, PHILIPS

12. Protection level: IP66

13. Ambient temperature: -35–50°

14. Service life: >50000h



Install Method



LED street lights have a wide range of applications, including:

Municipal/City Lighting: LED street lights are commonly used to illuminate streets, roads, highways, and other public areas in cities and towns.
Parking Lot Lighting: LED lights are ideal for lighting up parking lots, providing bright, uniform illumination for improved visibility and security.
Commercial/Industrial Areas: LED street lights often light up commercial and industrial areas like shopping centers, warehouses, and factories.
Residential Neighborhoods: LED lights are increasingly being used to light up streets and walkways in residential neighborhoods, providing safer nighttime conditions.
Highways and Freeways: LED street lights are an excellent choice for illuminating highways, freeways, and other high-speed transportation corridors.
Pedestrian/Bike Paths: LED lights are frequently used to light up dedicated pedestrian and bike paths, enhancing safety and visibility.
Parks and Recreation Areas: LED street lights are ideal for lighting up parks, trails, and other outdoor recreation spaces.



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