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H31L IP66 Outdoor LED facade linear bar lights

1. Aluminum alloy lamp holder
2. Seamless connecting design for lighting
3. Low thermal resistance paths designed for heat dissipation
4. IP66 Waterproof design with high thermal conductive silicone fully sealed
5. Thermoelectric Separation
6. Excellent ventilation
7. Hidden lines design
8. Outdoor lightening and ESD protection



Elevate your outdoor lighting experience with the H31L Facade Linear Bar Lights from WIN-E Illumination Lighting. This cutting-edge lighting solution is designed to transform your outdoor spaces with seamless illumination and exceptional performance. With its advanced features and innovative design, the H31L sets a new standard for facade lighting.

Crafted with precision, the H31L Facade linear bar lights features a durable aluminum alloy lamp holder, ensuring longevity and reliability. Its robust construction guarantees optimal performance even in challenging outdoor environments, making it ideal for illuminating facades, pathways, and landscapes.

The H31L’s seamless connecting design creates a visually pleasing lighting experience. The linear light bars seamlessly link together, providing a continuous and uninterrupted illumination effect. Say goodbye to gaps and dark spots, as the H31L ensures a smooth and uniform lighting output.

Efficient heat dissipation is essential for optimal performance, and the H31L incorporates low thermal resistance paths explicitly designed for heat dissipation. This ensures that the fixture remains cool during prolonged operation, extending the lifespan of the lighting system and maintaining consistent performance.

A high thermal conductivity silicone seal ensures the H31L’s waterproofness (IP66). This robust waterproof design protects the fixture from water ingress, enabling reliable operation in wet and demanding outdoor conditions. The high thermal conductive silicone further enhances heat dissipation, ensuring the efficiency and longevity of the lighting system.

The H31L employs thermoelectric separation technology, effectively isolating the heat generated by the LEDs from other components. This innovative design prevents heat buildup and potential damage to sensitive parts, guaranteeing reliable and stable performance.

Designed with excellent ventilation, the H31L allows for efficient airflow and enhanced heat dissipation. This feature makes it suitable for high-intensity lighting applications, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding environments.

Featuring a sleek hidden lines design, the H31L offers a streamlined aesthetic. The wiring and connections are discreetly concealed, adding to the overall visual appeal of the lighting installation.


Model Number: H31L
Dimension: 1000X 30X43.5MM
LED Chip: Epistar, San’an, Cree, Osram, Philips…..
Material: Aluminum+PC
Voltage: DC24V
Power: 12W/15W  SMD Type: SMD5050*0.3W/SMD2835*0.2W
LED Color: RGB / RGBW/2000-6500K
Control mode: SPI, DMX,  Monochrome
Beam Angle: 120°
Waterproof grade: IP66
Life-Span: 50000H
Operating Temp: -20℃ to 55℃
Warranty: 3-Year Standard

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What are the application scenarios of WIN-E Outdoor Linear Lighting?
mainly used at buildings, bridges, billboards, parks, Shopping malls, and Hotel projects, short-distance wall washers, and building outline lighting.

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