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Interative Outdoor Building Pixel Linear Strip Lighting String

1. Adopt a one-piece molding process with high protection level;
2. Thickened high-quality resistance rubber, anti-UV, anti-salt spray, and impact resistance;
3. Adapt to a variety of installation methods, the installation is simple and reliable;
4. It is often used to outline the outline of the building, and it can perfectly replace the line light products to realize running water, horse racing, Video images and other effects, and can also produce large advertising displays, large city signs, and text light sources.


Outdoor building pixel lighting refers to lighting technologies used on building exteriors that create dynamic. Programming light shows using arrays of individually addressable LED lights or pixels. Some key aspects of outdoor building pixel lighting include:

– LED matrices/arrays: These are make with numerous LED lights, usually RGB (red, green, blue) types. Mounted together in large grids or façades on building surfaces. Each LED is control individually.

– Programmability: The outdoor building pixel lighting can  digitally programmed and their brightness/color. Changing in intricate patterns or sequences to create animated effects, messages, images, etc. This allows for dynamic displays.

– Common uses: Large-scale outdoor building facade lighting is often use for architectural accents, brand marketing/messaging, artistic shows/installations, and special event lighting (holidays, concerts, etc.). Famous examples include London’s Piccadilly Lights and the Chicago Spire skyscraper displays.

– Control systems: Sophisticated software and processing hardware are require to independently control thousands or millions of LEDs in real-time. Systems can be programmed via PCs and triggered by schedules, sensors, or commands.

– Dynamic/immersive effects: When deployed across entire building façades or structures, pixel lighting allows for immersive, wraparound animations synchronized to music, video, or other media to draw viewers’ attention.

So in summary, it’s a outdoor media lighting technology that facilitates vibrant, animated displays on buildings through highly programmable LED pixel arrays.


Model Number :GP-6220
Dimension: 62*20mm
LED Chip : Epistar, Cree, Osram…..
Material: PC /PVC
Voltage :DC24V
Power:1.44W / 1.96W
SMD Type :SMD3535*6RGB  / SMD3535*6RGB+2 White
LED Color: RGB / RGBW / 2000-6500K
Control mode;SPI, DMX , 2000-6500K
Waterproof grade: IP67
Life-Span: 50000H
Operating Temp: -40℃ to 55℃
Warranty: 3 Year Standard or 5 Year Extended Warranty

Install Method

Install Method 1:
Fixing By Aluminum Profile.


What are the application scenarios of outdoor building pixel lighting?
1. Outline of buildings, viaducts, and bridges; signs and signs;
2. City square ground decoration lighting; outdoor advertising display, building display;
3. Decorative lighting of amusement facilities; decorative lighting of ancient buildings;
4. The top of the building is decorated and brightened; text and image lines are outlined;
5. Special-shaped and personalized lamps with the built-in light source.


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