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IP67 Permanent Outdoor Lights | Smart RGB Pixel Lights

1. Adopt a one-piece molding process with a high protection level;
2. Thickened high-quality resistance rubber, anti-UV, anti-salt spray, and impact resistance;
3. Adapt to a variety of installation methods, the installation is simple and reliable;
4. Smart App & Remote Control, You can control it with your phone.


Enhance your outdoor decor with Win-E Illumination’s IP67 Permanent Outdoor Lights. These smart RGB pixel lights are perfect for creating a festive atmosphere for any occasion. With a variety of scene modes to choose from, you can easily transform your backyard into a stunning backdrop for buddy parties, backyard dinners, tent weddings, and even Halloween and Christmas parties.

Illuminate Every Occasion: Choose from a variety of scene modes to easily enhance your outdoor decor for any event. Perfect for buddy parties, backyard dinners, tent weddings, and even Halloween and Christmas parties.

Durable Outdoor Lighting: Our IP67 waterproof Christmas lights and adapter ensure year-round usage in harsh weather conditions (-4°F to 140°F). With a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

Easy Setup and Installation: Install each permanent light in just 8 seconds using the provided tapes and clips. Installing the strings on the eaves will create a seamless appearance since waterproof joints combine easy splicing with easy installation. Note: Lights cannot be cut.

Vibrant Multicolor Decor: Create captivating scenes with numerous available modes for any occasion. Ideal for Halloween, Christmas parties, weddings, Thanksgiving, and more. Perfect for decks, gardens, cafes, restaurants, and play areas.

Smart Control at Your Fingertips: Use the app to separately control colors and set timers for permanent outdoor lights. Connect with the Wi-Fi app and Google Assistant for easy control. Experience ultimate lighting convenience and versatility. you can set schedules and loop-play your favorite scenes, bringing colorful lights to your house effortlessly.

Win-E Illumination’s IP67 Permanent Outdoor Lights combine convenience, flexibility, and long-lasting, making them an excellent choice for all your outdoor lighting needs. Illuminate every occasion and create lasting moments with these stunning lights that will transform your outdoor space into an enchanting paradise.

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Install Method

Install by 3D Tape


What are the application scenarios of media facade lighting?
1. Outline of buildings, viaducts, and bridges; signs and signs;
2. City square ground decoration lighting; outdoor advertising display, building display;
3. Decorative lighting of amusement facilities; decorative lighting of ancient buildings;
4. The top of the building is decorated and brightened; text and image lines are outlined;
5. Special-shaped and personalized lamps with a built-in light source.


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