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Meanwell XLG-320 Series Dimming LED Power Supply

1. Wide input range 100~305VAC (ClassI)
2. Work in 75%~100% constant power mode at full power output
3. Metal case with waterproof design IP67 protection level, suitable for outdoor use.
4. 6KV/4KV lightning protection
5. 3-in-1 dimming function (dimming can be turned off, isolated design)
Protection function: overload protection circuit, short circuit protection circuit, over-voltage protection circuit, over-temperature protection circuit.
6. Life-span>50,000 hours and 5 years warranty.



The XLG LED Power Supply is a 315W AC to DC LED power supply with constant power characteristics. This series can work with 120~305VAC input voltage and has various models with 1050mA~7420mA output current ratings. With a conversion efficiency of up to 94.5% and a fanless design, they can operate in a wide range of temperatures from -40℃ to +85℃. The metal casing is designed with a high IP67 protection rating, making the XLG LED Power Supply adaptable to both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, the innovative design and compact size enable this series of models to reliably illuminate LED lights for a wide range of application environments in virtually any location where LED luminaires can be installed.

The XLG series LED Power Supply complies with the safety requirements of the latest version of IEC61347/GB7000.1-2015 and UL8750, etc. The output and dimming circuits comply with the latest version of IEC61347/GB7000.1-2015 and UL8750. The output and dimming circuits comply with the latest isolation design requirements, guaranteeing the safety of the user and the luminaire system in use.

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The Meanwell XLG LED Driver details are as below:

1. Wide input range 100~305VAC (90~305VAC for XLG-20)

2. Constant power mode with adjustable output current (Constant current mode for XLG-20)

3. Built-in active PFC function and Efficiency up to 90%

4. Dimming functions: 3 in 1 / DALI

5. Protections: Short circuit/ Over voltage/ Over temperature

6. Surge protection with 6KV(L/N-FG)/4KV(L-N); 4KV(L/N-FG)/2KV(L-N) for XLG-20

7. 5 years warranty


Brand Name: MEAN WELL
Model Number: XLG Series, XLG-25W 50W 75W 100W 150W 200W 240W, 320W
Output Type: Single, SINGLE
Input Voltage: 100-305v/142-431v, 100~305vac
Output Voltage: 12v/24v
Output Frequency: 47-63Hz
Output Power:
25W 50W 75W 100W 150W 200W 240W 320W
IP Rate: IP67
Shell: Aluminum case
MOQ: 1pc
Working Temp: -40~85℃
Type: Constant Voltage
Packing details:
XLG-25/50 105*63*30mm (L*W*H) 0.41Kg;24pcs/ 10.5Kg/0.68CUFT for A-type 0.42Kg;24pcs/ 11Kg/0.68CUFT for AB-type
XLG-75/100 140*63*32mm (L*W*H) 0.58Kg;24pcs /15Kg /0.85CUFT
XLG-150 180*63*35.5mm (L*W*H) 0.8Kg;16pcs / 13.4Kg /0.67CUFT
XLG-200 199*63*35.5mm (L*W*H) 0.85Kg;16pcs /14.2Kg /0.72CUFT
XLG-240 219*63*35.5mm (L*W*H) 1Kg;16pcs / 16Kg / 0.77CUFT




Connection Details



-The patio lamp
-Stage lights
-Fishing lights
-Plant lighting
-Stadium lighting
– DMX Power Supply
– Type HL is suitable for Class l, Division 2 lighting fixtures.

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