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Modern Design Landscape Light For Courtyard IP65 DMX512 RGB LED Flood Light

1. All-aluminum material design, high-end atmosphere
2. Special structural design, no fastening screws on the front
3. Glue-free full structure waterproof treatment
5. Efficient heat conduction technology of the lamp body
5. The bracket is integrally formed by die-casting
6. Precise light distribution and anti-glare treatment
7. High efficiency, high PF value, low heat generation power supply design
8. Outdoor lightning protection design



WIN-E Illumination F04 LED Flood Light, is a versatile lighting solution that provides exceptional illumination in all directions. This high-performing floodlight delivers even lighting across a wide area. with the added benefit of an adjustable irradiation range for complete customization. It stands out as a regular octahedron icon, effortlessly enhancing any scene with its stylish and functional design.

The F04 LED Flood Light precisely creates a diffuse and highly uniform light distribution, eliminating any noticeable direction or a clear outline of a beam of light. This unique flooding effect produces soft and transparent lighting, allowing objects to be evenly bath in a gentle glow. Unlike traditional spotlights, the F04 considerably slows down the weakening of lighting, resulting in a minimal shadow effect. The precise setup of floodlights can create lighting that defies the presence of shadows completely, giving the impression that there are no shadows at all.

With its customizable irradiation range, the F04 LED Flood Light ensures that you have complete control over the coverage and intensity of the light.  Designed with both performance and longevity, the F04 is manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced technology. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance even in challenging environmental conditions, providing you with long-lasting and efficient lighting for years to come.

With its impressive functionality and sustainability, the F04 LED Flood Light is a great choice for lighting applications. Due to its energy-efficient LED technology, this floodlight produces a high level of light intensity without sacrificing quality. It’s a win-win situation for both your pocket and the environment.

Illuminate your space like never before with the F04 LED Flood Light.  Elevate any space with its captivating and diffused light, transforming ordinary scenes into extraordinary ones. Choose the F04 and experience the power of floodlighting at its best.


Model Number: F04
Dimension: 96X96X150MM
LED Chip: Epistar, San’an, Cree, Osram, Philips…..
Material: Die-Cast Aluminum + Tempered Glass
Voltage: DC12V/DC24V/AC110-240V
Power: 20W/25W/45W/80W  SMD Type: High Power LED 5W
LED Color: R. G. B. 2000-6500K
Control mode: Monochrome

Beam Angle: 10°/15°/30°/45°/60° etc
Waterproof grade: IP65
Life-Span: 50000H
Operating Temp: -20℃ to 55℃
Warranty: 3-Year Standard or 5-Year Extended Warranty


Install Method


What are the application scenarios of WIN-E LED Flood Lights?
Widely used in squares, outdoor parks, Billboards, Roads, Railway Tunnels, Bridges, Squares, Buildings facades etc.

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