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MR-A28D DMX SPI Madrix Artnet LED Controller for LED Pixel Lighting

1. input support ArtNet protocol, based on TCP/IP Ethernet control protocol, to realize lighting management control;

2. 32-65536 levels of grayscale control, which can truly restore image color and details;

3. controller output support standard USITT DMX512/1990 common protocol and extended protocol;

4. each device supports 64 domains, that is, each port can be expanded 8 times that is 4096 channels (need to be combined with the chip performance);

5. users can set two different IP addresses;

6. different network segments can be set to avoid mutual interference of ArtNet data in the same network;

7. accurate gamma correction algorithm, more in line with the human visual characteristics of light perception, display colors more fully, and richly;




the MR-A28D Artnet LED Controller, a cutting-edge system utilizing an Ethernet network and ArtNet protocol for seamless communication and control. Featuring a high-performance FPGA processor, this controller ensures efficient and stable data processing according to the standard ArtNet protocol. With two RJ45 network interfaces, it seamlessly integrates with other network equipment, enabling versatile network topologies. Explore the MR-A28D Artnet LED Controller for unparalleled lighting control and DMX512 fixture management.

MR-A28D Artnet LED Controller provides 8 standard DMX512 data output ports, a total of 8 × 512 data output, and support for expanding the protocol. compatible with ArtNet protocol lighting control software for use, such as Madrx3, Madrx5, Programmer, Pharos, Sunlite, Luminair, Arocos, MA console, SQD, etc. widely used in LED dot matrix and stage lighting control system that requires a large amount of DMX512 data, often used in TV stations, stage performances, night tours, light, and shadow show, 3D mapping show and other places.


1. support single-color, two-color, RGB, RGBW, RGBWY, and multi-color mixing control;

2. support for IP grouping function, the use of switch parallel program to reduce the length of the system cascade chain, and improve the stability of the system;

3. Maximum support for 120 frame rate to ensure that the picture of high-definition display and 3D display requirements;

4. support for dual backup, a bad controller or network cable broken display is not affected;

5. double RJ45 network interface, which can realize mixed cascade between controllers; controller auto-detection, software intuitive display connection status;

6. using Ethernet interface and TCP/IP network protocol transmission stability, the maximum transmission distance of 100 meters;

7. LCD display module timely display controller parameters and status;

8. support overcurrent and overpressure protection of the device port, so that the equipment can be safe and reliable for long-term operation. 16. support the anti-interference between the device port;

9. support anti-interference and anti-leakage design between equipment ports, a single port interference or failure does not affect the work of other ports;

10. equipment network port, port output, surge protection: 1.5KV;

11. Gigabit / 100 megabyte adaptive or mandatory 100 megabytes can be set to ensure that a large number of points of the project is more stable;

12. support severe working environment -40 ℃ -80 ℃, trouble-free normal operation.

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Product Name: Standard ArtNet Controller
Product Model: MR-A28D
Rated Voltage: AC 100V~240V±15%Vac50/60Hz
Rated Power: ≤15W
Protocol: RJ45X2CH, Standard UDP/TCP Protocol
input Protocol: Standard ArtNet Protocol
Network Rate: 100MB/1000MB Adaptive
Output: 8-Port Output (Standard DMX512 and Extended Protocol)
Relative Humidity: ≤95% (Non-Condensing)
Temperature: -40℃~80℃;
Dimension: L283mm X 134MM X 45MM
Hole Spacing: 268mm;68 mm
Protection Class: IP20
Installation Method: Fixed Hole Installation Method (See Above Drawing)
Weight: 1.48kg
Weight Iron: (Powder Spraying Process)
Shell Material: AC Power Cord×1/Warranty Card×1/Foam Paper box×1



Install Method


This Artnet Madrix LED Controller is Often Used on TV Stations, Stage Performances, Night tours, Light and Shadow Shows, 3D mapping Shows, and Other Places.



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