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MR-WT25 DMX512 decoder 3/4channel RGB RGBW DMX Addresser

1. MR-WT25 device can set the number of loaded channels, baud rate, playback speed, number of colors, and other parameters;

2. support a variety of DMX512 chip addressing, you can specify the starting channel, a single chip with the load channel, and fixture number, and through the automatic/manual test mode to verify the addressing;

3. equipment built-in a variety of test animation effects, such as a variety of color gradients, automatic/manual running points, the overall gradient and other effects;

4. support brightness adjustment, single-channel brightness adjustment function;

5. with SD card slot, support for SD card storage of animation data, and can specify a certain playback scene, you can adjust the playback speed;

6. can simulate DMX512 console, can send channel data for DMX512 channel 1-512 channels arbitrarily, can be used as a simple DMX512 console;

7. support for standard RDM protocols, RDM fixtures can be searched, static detection, through the UID to write DXM512 address and other functions;




DMX512 is a popular driving method for landscape LED lamps and lanterns in the application of LEDs. A reasonable distribution of DMX512 channel addresses is required because of the special characteristics of the DMX512 protocol. The MR-WT25 is an MR-control DMX handheld addresser that supports DMX512 address testing and writing.

With the MR-WT23 Handheld Addresser, you can playback multiple scenes with offline data on an SD memory card, which can also use to store scenes with cyclic playback and designate playback. In DMX512 channels, it can simulate a DMX512 console and send channel data for any 1-512 channels. It supports a variety of quick test methods to verify the lamps and lanterns’ addressing, such as color changes. Support parameter setting, current output adjustment, brightness adjustment, and firmware upgrade for MR-DMX05 chip. Various four-color modes support by the color palette color function. MR-WT25 DMX handheld addresser is power by a lithium battery and supports a Type-C interface and DC6~24V direct power supply.

More features:

1. support the MR-DMX05 chip for parameter setting, current output adjustment, brightness adjustment, and firmware upgrade;

2 with color palette color function, It selects in the palette of a color value for control, and supports a variety of four-color modes;

3. support for clock frequency, channel number, and output frame rate settings;

4. with 1 port DMX512 signal output, and it is addressing signal compatible support differential signal mode;

5. support type-c port and DC6 ~ 24V plug-in power supply; [no built-in battery].

6. support a variety of DMX512 channel automatic addressing and chip parameter settings. support for MR, UCS, SM, TM, HI, HM, GS, and customized DMX chips;

7. Support multi-language switching mode;

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Product Name:  DMX Address Writer
Product number:  MR-WT25
Signal type : DMX512 / DMX512-A / RDM
Rated voltage: DC6V-24V / 5V (USB)
Power supply interface: Standard 5.5mm×2.1mm female
USB interface:  Micro-B USB Interface
SD card capacity;  512MB
Size:  132.2mm×87.4mm×30mm



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