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TC150C IP65 Outdoor LED Spike Lights

1. High-purity die-casting aluminum, beautiful appearance, waterproof and corrosion-resistant, firm and durable
2. The projection angle can be adjusted freely, and the rotation angle can reach’180°
3. External heat dissipation system, thickened multi-piece heat sink, good heat dissipation effect,
4. The structure is stable, the seal is firm, and the compressive and collision resistance is strong.
5. Energy saving and power saving, positive color temperature, high brightness, and long life-Span



TC150C LED Spike Lights: Illuminate with Style, Efficiency, and Durability

Enhance your outdoor and indoor lighting projects with our LED Spike Flood Lights. The high-quality fixtures provide exceptional illumination while combining style, efficiency, and durability. Let’s delve into the remarkable features that make our LED landscape Flood Lights the ideal choice for various applications.

1. WIN-E Illumination LED Spike Flood Lights feature a high-purity die-casting aluminum construction that not only exudes a beautiful appearance but also ensures waterproof and corrosion-resistant properties. The firm and durable design makes these lights suitable for various environments, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions.

2. Enjoy complete flexibility in lighting design with TC150C LED Spike Lights. The projection angle can be adjusted freely, allowing you to direct the light precisely where needed. With a rotation angle of up to 180°, these lights offer versatility in customizing the lighting setup to achieve the desired illumination effect.

3. TC150C LED Flood Lights are equipped with an efficient external heat dissipation system to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The thickened multi-piece heat sink effectively dissipates heat, preventing overheating and maintaining stable operation even during extended periods of use.

4. We prioritize durability and reliability in LED Flood Lights. The stable structure and firm seal provide excellent resistance against compression and collisions, ensuring the lights can withstand various outdoor and indoor environments.

5. TC150C LED Flood Lights are designed with energy efficiency in mind. By utilizing advanced LED technology, they offer significant energy savings compared to traditional lighting solutions. With positive color temperature and high brightness, these lights provide clear and vibrant illumination while delivering a long lifespan, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.



Model Number: TC150C
LED Chip: Epistar, San’an, Cree, Osram, Philips…..
Material: Die-Cast Aluminum + Tempered Glass
Voltage: DC24V/AC220V
Power: 6W/9W/12W/18W/24W  SMD Type: High Power LED 1W
LED Color: RGB. 2000-6500K
Control mode: Monochrome, DMX512

Beam Angle: 8°/15°/30°/45°/60° etc
Waterproof grade: IP66
Life-Span: 50000H
Operating Temp: -20℃ to 55℃
Warranty: 3-Year Standard or 5-Year Extended Warranty


Install Method


What are the application scenarios of WIN-E LED Flood Lights?
Widely used in squares, outdoor parks, Billboards, Roads, Railway Tunnels, Bridges, Squares, Buildings facades, etc.


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