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X40L 24W+12W Building facade LED Washer Lamps

1. All-aluminum Asymmetrical material design, novel appearance
2. IP65-patented structure waterproof treatment
3. Low thermal resistance path heat dissipation design
4. Professional-grade optical design, efficient and uniform light output
5. High efficiency, high PF value, low heat power supply design
6. Outdoor lightning protection and Anti-glare design


Introducing the X40L LED Washer Lamps, setting a new standard in efficiency, brightness, and quality. Designed to illuminate with unparalleled brilliance, our LED washer lighting guarantees optimal performance for a wide array of applications.

Crafted for longevity, our LEDs boast an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours, ensuring reliable operation for at least 5 years of continuous use. With durability in mind, the housing of the lamp is meticulously crafted from die-cast aluminum, providing robustness and longevity. Its advanced cooling system ensures efficient heat dissipation, coupled with high-temperature resistance and waterproofing, making it suitable for various environments and climates. Dustproof and waterproof, corrosion-resistant high and low temperatures, The lamp body has multiple waterproof and dustproof measures, layers of protection of the lamp
outdoor installation is not afraid of a long rainy day.

The inclusion of tempered glass enhances light transmission while providing exceptional resistance to impacts, ensuring durability in challenging conditions. Whether it’s stage lighting, advertising displays, architectural illumination, stadium lighting, or project lighting, the X40L LED Wall Washer delivers unmatched performance and reliability.

Illuminate your space with confidence, knowing that our LED lamps combine cutting-edge technology with robust construction, providing consistent brightness and quality for years to come. Choose the X40L LED Washer Lamps for exceptional lighting solutions that exceed expectations.



Model Number: X40L
Dimension: 1000x40x95(mm)
LED Chip: Cree, Osram, Philips…..
Material: Aluminum
Voltage: AC85-265V/DC12V/DC24V
Power:12W+24W SMD Type: SMD
LED Color: RGB / RGBW / 2000-6500K
Control mode: SPI, DMX,  Monochrome

Beam Angle:8°/15°/30°/45°/60°/10X60°,
Waterproof grade: IP65
Life-Span: 50000H
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 55°C
Warranty: 3-Year Standard



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What are the application scenarios of Wall Washer Lighting?
Most commonly, it’s used to light some building facades, and the embankment on both sides, to illuminate bridges and scenic spots in parks, and to light architectural models.

A linear wall washer light fixture mounted on a wall, illuminating the surface with a soft, even glow.


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