December 4, 2023

Read to save 70% cost for hotel facade lighting project

Hotel facade lighting project led outdoor lamps and lanterns selection strategy, read to save the hotel 70% cost fee
LED outdoor hotel facade lighting and lanterns as the hotel lighting project preferred lamps and lanterns raw materials, with green environmental protection, good reliability, and other advantages. Unknown, the lamps and lanterns manufacturing industry jagged, causing the hotel lighting project to wrongly not pass the LED lighting products, leading to the hotel lighting in the later stage of the actual effect and the application of the life of a huge impact.
How to judge the LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns advantages and disadvantages, led linear light and facade lighting manufacturers Win-E Illumination to take you from the lamps and lanterns these three aspects to understand:

First, lighting lamps and lanterns appearance

Although it is said that “you can’t tell the difference”, the quality of the lamps and lanterns, usually from the appearance can be reflected. Good LED lamps and lanterns quality is more exquisite, the appearance looks neat, the color tone is authentic, and not very rough. The weight of the hand is also good.

Second, lighting lamps and lanterns lens

Lamps and lanterns lenses on the lamps and lanterns luminous perspective quite have an impact, a good bit of lens out of the light effect of light is proportional, rounded, with no spots. The projector can emit light from a distance and offers other beneficial effects. However, it has drawbacks such as lower-quality lenses, non-proportional light effects, closely spaced irradiation, and the occurrence of spots

Third, lighting lamps and lanterns wiring

Lamps and lanterns butt wiring and wiring application in the installation are also very important. Docking inside the power wire is too thin will lead to excessive current, resulting in lamps and lanterns’ super hot heat being very high, thus causing fire accidents and other risks. Good some of the lamps and lanterns the wiring and wiring appearance is very thick appearance also neat and generous, for example: high Power LED wall washer lamps generally use a national standard 1 square power cord, and conventional outdoor LED linear lights use a national standard 0.75 square power cord. They also have the lamps and lanterns above the board connected to the national standard 0.75 square back wire, so the power wire is thicker, and the site above the use of safer.