November 29, 2023

The reasons of Choosing Low Voltage Current for LED High-Power LED Wall Washer Bar

LED high-power LED wall washer Bars are a popular choice for various lighting applications. One key factor in their design and performance is the selection of low-voltage current. In this article, Win-E Illumination, a reputable lighting manufacturer with a decade of experience, delves deeper into the reasons behind choosing low voltage current for the LED wall washer bar and the advantages it brings.

1. Safety Considerations:

LED high-power wall washer lights typically operate on DC voltage options such as DC12V, 24V, or 36V. These voltage ranges are within the safe limits that the human body can withstand. By using low voltage current, the risk of electrical leakage and potential electrocution is minimized, ensuring the safety of both users and installers.

2. Enhanced Lifespan:

Low-voltage DC power contributes to the extended lifespan of wall washer lights. The gentle and stable power supply reduces stress on the internal components, preventing premature wear and ensuring reliable performance over an extended period. This results in cost savings and reduces the need for frequent replacements or maintenance.

3. Elimination of Strobe Effects:

One significant advantage of using low voltage current is the elimination of strobe effects commonly associated with LED lamps. Strobing or flickering can cause discomfort, eye strain, and even headaches. By utilizing DC voltage, wall washer lights provide consistent and flicker-free illumination, enhancing visual comfort and creating a pleasant lighting environment.

4. Compact and Streamlined Design:

Low voltage current eliminates the need for complex and bulky circuitry within the wall washer lights. This streamlined design allows for sleeker and more compact fixtures, making installation and integration easier. It also provides greater flexibility in terms of placement and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a seamless integration into various architectural and lighting design projects.

5. Temperature Rise Testing and Heat Dissipation:

High-power wall washer lights undergo rigorous temperature rise testing to ensure product safety. Effective heat dissipation is crucial to prevent fire hazards and electrical shocks. Win-E Illumination places great importance on heat dissipation during the production process. By carefully selecting components and providing adequate space for efficient cooling, they ensure that the lights can operate at optimal temperatures, minimizing the risk of overheating and enhancing overall safety and performance.


LED high-power LED wall washer bar lights offer exceptional lighting solutions, particularly for projects that require linear irradiation and visual impact. Choosing low voltage current brings a range of benefits, including enhanced safety, extended lifespan, elimination of strobe effects, compact and streamlined designs, and effective heat dissipation. When embarking on lighting projects that utilize these lights, it is crucial to rely on high-quality LED drivers to ensure stable and constant current output. Trust in Win-E Illumination’s expertise and superior product offerings to elevate your lighting projects to new heights, while enjoying the numerous advantages of low-voltage current.