September 11, 2023

Transform Your Landscape with LED Wall Washer Light Bars

Outdoor architectural lighting can completely transform the look and feel of buildings and landscapes when done right. LED wall washer lighting has become a popular choice to beautifully illuminate exterior building facades, landscape features, signage, and more. Read on to learn how LED wall washer light bars can help you achieve breathtaking lighting designs.

LED wall washer lighting uses specialized optics to distribute light cleanly and evenly across vertical surfaces. The resulting “wall washing” effect accentuates textures, carvings, designs, and architectural details on the building or object being illuminated.

Shenzhen Win-E Illumination Lighting Co. is a professional lighting manufacturer offering innovative LED architectural lighting fixtures. Their LED Wall Washer Light Bar series leverages high-quality LEDs and precision optical design to create perfect wall-washing effects. Let’s look at how Win-E’s LED wall washer can transform your outdoor space:

Benefits of a Wall Washer Light Bar

– Highlights Architectural Features: The soft uniform grazing of light beautifully brings out carved textures, glass features, and other façade details.
– Energy Efficient: LED technology consumes very little electricity while producing bright, attractive lighting.
– Long Lifespan: Win-E LED wall washer bars boast a 50,000-hour lifespan for maintenance-free operation.
– Accentuates Landscape: Trees, fountains, gazebos, garden walls, etc. all pop in wondrous ways.
– Stylish Low Profile: The thin, streamlined light bar design adds elegance wherever installed.
– Flexible Positioning: Fully adjustable brackets make aiming the perfect wall wash easy. Go from ground to ceiling.
– Enhances Signage: Spotlight storefronts, billboards, monuments, directory signs, etc.
– Easy Maintenance: With robust IP66 construction, LED wall washer bars just need occasional cleaning.

Versatile Lighting Applications

Win-E’s LED Wall Washer Light Bar offers boundless possibilities to enhance your outdoor space:

– Building Facades – Highlight architectural features, signs, columns, arches, etc.
– Landscape Walls – Illuminate garden walls, retaining walls, screening walls.
– Water Features – Spotlight fountains, pools, ponds, waterfalls and streams.
– Monuments & Statues – Draw attention to historical monuments and art.
– Signage – Illuminate retail signage, billboards, and directory signs.
– Pathways & Steps – Brighten walkways, outline staircases and ramps.
– Gazebos & Pergolas – Focus attention on garden structures and features.
– Trees & Plants – Create dramatic silhouettes of trees, bushes and foliage.

Superb Construction Quality

Win-E Wall Washer Bars feature precision engineering and robust construction to withstand the outdoors:

– Die-cast aluminum housing effectively dissipates heat from the LEDs.
– Lensed LEDs produce optimal wall-wash lighting effects.
– Frosted tempered glass lens creates perfect, uniform illumination.
– Complete IP66 waterproof rating.
– Durable powder-coated exterior in black, white, or grey finishes.
– Safety listing for wet locations.

Adjustable and Easy Installation

The lightweight wall washer bars come with adjustable bracket sets for quick mounting:

– 180° vertical adjustment and 360° horizontal rotation.
– Mount to walls, poles, floor stands, or ceilings.
– Bracket grip range of 15-64mm for poles and 38-335mm for walls.
– Wiring base cap enables easy connection of power.
– Light bars linkable for expanded coverage.

Win-E wall washer bars are low voltage and easy to wire. Their versatile design allows lighting designers and homeowners to get creative in how the graze walls, landscape features, signage and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Washer Bars

Many people new to architectural lighting have some common questions about wall washer fixtures. Here are answers to some key questions:

1. How are wall washer lights different than flood lights?

Wall washers distribute uniform grazing light across surfaces with specialized optics. Floodlights project intense cones of light outward.

2. What angle beam spread is recommended?

A wider 80°-120° beam angle creates soft, even wall washing. Narrow beams 8°, 15°, 25°, 30°,  45°, 60°, 10X60° etc give more spotlight-like effects.

3. What color temperature is best for outdoors?

Cooler 5000K-6000K whites nicely illuminate building exteriors and landscapes. Lower 3000K-4000K whites are recommended for restaurants and retail.

4. Can you mount the wall washer vertically or horizontally?

Yes, Win-E’s brackets allow lighting designers to mount the bars vertically, horizontally, or diagonally depending on the application.

5. How far should I space wall washer fixtures?

Light bars can be spaced 10-25 feet apart depending on height. More spacing is needed for taller facades. Focusing multiple bars works better than a single central unit.

6. How do I calculate the number of wall washers needed?

The size of the area and mounting height impacts quantity. Expert lighting designers are best for detailed site plans and photometric calculations.

7. How do I prevent glare from wall washer lights?

Proper timing is key. Grazing facades at a sharp angle prevents glare. Also use shields, visors, or louvers if needed.

LED wall washer light bars offer an amazing way to spotlight architecture, signage, and landscapes. Win-E provides cutting-edge LED technology paired with specialized optical designs perfect for wall-washing applications. Contact Win-E’s lighting experts today to discuss transforming your next commercial or residential lighting project with precision-engineered LED wall washer bars. It’s time to showcase your property’s full visual potential after sunset!