August 31, 2023

What Are The Characteristics and Advantages of LED DMX Spot Lights?

What are the characteristics of LED DMX Spot Lights?

1. According to the usage conditions, various application brackets can be designed so that the LED dmx spot lights can be adjusted in any direction. And easy to install.

2. The integrated double-cavity sealing structure makes the heat of the power source and light source not  interfere with each other, prolongs the life of the whole lamp, and is easy to replace. The sealing performance does not affect each other, and it is easy to disassemble.

3. It has a larger dimming angle than ordinary LED lights and is more flexible to use.

4. Special waterproof design, internal rain guide trough, and special processing circuit board, even if water enters, it will not affect the use of the lamp.

What are the advantages of LED DMX Spot Lights ?

1. Irradiation Angle Adjustment

The LED dmx spot lights is actually a spotlight, so its irradiation angle adjusted, so its use is more flexible, and the general spotlight will have a scale plate for angle adjustment, so that You can make adjustments more accurately according to the markings on the scale plate.

2. Wide range of applications

Compared with other lighting fixtures, the size of the LED dmx spot lights is very small, so it can adapt to the needs of a wider range of installation sites, and it is not easy to be damaged during use, and it is not easy to use. It will generate heat due to being used for too long, and naturally its service life will be relatively long.

3. no controller

Compared with other lighting fixtures, the floodlight can be used without a controller, and can also achieve a variety of special lighting effects during use, such as the gradient of the light and the change of the color of the light , light jumps, light flashes, etc. This is an advanced dynamic lighting decoration effect that ordinary lamps cannot achieve.

4. Good lighting effect

Because it is actually a spotlight with the function of spotlighting, the lighting effect of the spotlight is very good, the color of the light is very bright, and the color purity is very high, although The light color of the floodlight is relatively bright, but its light is not dazzling at all. On the contrary, it is very soft, which is very suitable for the local lighting decoration of the home. In addition, the floodlight is also a very energy-saving lighting fixture. It is very power-saving because it does not use high power.

There are many types of lighting decorations on the market, and the styles and prices of different lighting decorations vary greatly, so you should choose according to your own needs. The above is the introduction of what are the characteristics of LED floodlights and what are the advantages of LED dmx spot lights. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to choose lighting decorations. Everyone should pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of lighting decorations to ensure the service life of lighting decorations.