June 21, 2024

Where do you put wall washing lights?

Wall washing lights are typically installed to illuminate and highlight walls evenly, creating a soft and diffused light effect that enhances the architectural features and texture of the wall.

Here are the key considerations for placing wall washing lights:

1. Placement Distance from the Wall:
– Recessed Lights: If using recessed lights in the ceiling, they should be placed 2 to 3 feet away from the wall.
– Surface-Mounted or Track Lights: These can be placed on the ceiling or on a track, also around 2 to 3 feet away from the wall.

2. Spacing Between Lights:
– General Rule: The spacing between the wall washing lights should be approximately the same as their distance from the wall. For instance, if lights are 3 feet from the wall, they should be spaced about 3 feet apart.
– Uniform Illumination: This ensures even light distribution without dark spots or overly bright areas.

3. Angle of Illumination:
– Adjustable Fixtures: If using adjustable fixtures, angle them so the light spreads uniformly across the wall.
– Fixed Fixtures: Ensure they are install at the correct distance and height to achieve the desired wash effect.

4. Height of Installation:
– Ceiling Height: For standard ceiling heights (8-10 feet), the above guidelines work well. For higher ceilings, you may need to adjust the distance and angle accordingly.

5. Type of Light Fixtures:
– Linear Fixtures: These can be use for a continuous wash effect, especially useful for longer walls or corridors.
– Spotlights: Can be used if highlighting specific areas or artworks on the wall.

6. Surface Characteristics:
– Smooth Walls: Wall washing lights will wash more evenly over smooth surfaces.
– Textured Walls: Wall washing lights can accentuate the texture and create interesting shadows and highlights.

 Examples of Ideal Placement:

– Gallery or Museum: Lights installed on the ceiling, 2-3 feet from the wall, spaced equally apart, angled downwards to evenly illuminate artwork.
– Corridors: Linear fixtures running parallel to the walls, placed 2-3 feet from the wall, providing a continuous wash of light.
– Living Room Feature Wall: Adjustable track lights placed 2-3 feet from the wall, allowing for flexibility in highlighting different parts of the wall.

 Tips for Best Results:

– Experiment with Placement: Before final installation, test different distances and angles to see what provides the best effect for your particular wall and space.
– Dimming Options: Use dimmable fixtures to control the light intensity and create the desired ambiance.
– Professional Guidance: If unsure, consulting with a lighting designer can ensure optimal placement and effect.

By following these guidelines, you can achieve a beautiful wall washing lights effect that enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your space.