September 12, 2023

Win-E Illumination: Your Partner for Exterior Lighting Engineering Projects

When designing an outdoor lighting scheme, having a reliable partner is essential. The exterior environment poses unique challenges that require robust, specialized lighting fixtures. Shenzhen Win-E Illumination Lighting Co. has over 15 years of experience engineering high-quality exterior lighting solutions. Read on to learn how Win-E can support your next exterior lighting project.

Win-E’s Exterior Lighting Capabilities

Win-E possesses extensive capabilities that make it an ideal exterior lighting engineering partner:

– In-House R&D: Win-E’s qualified engineering team controls the entire product development cycle from conceptual design to testing and certification. OEM ODM Customization is available.

– LED Technology Expertise: Win-E produces high-power LEDs, lenses, drivers, heat sinks, and other components in-house to optimize fixture performance.

– Precision Optical Design: Win-E uses advanced simulation software and testing labs to design optics for applications ranging from roadway lighting to architectural façade grazing.

– Robust Product Testing: Win-E rigorously tests products for thermal performance, electrical safety, water ingress, surge protection, and more to ensure durable performance.

– Scaled Manufacturing: Win-E’s modern factory has the capacity to economically manufacture large lighting project orders, whether 10 or 10,000+ units.

– Quality Control: Win-E meticulously inspects parts, boards, finished products, and packaging to guarantee everything meets the highest standards.

– Customization: Win-E can customize fixture design, mounting, controls, and more based on each project’s unique specifications.

– Global Compliance: Win-E handles compliance including EMC, photobiological safety, and hazardous substance testing for worldwide markets.

This blend of technical expertise, rigorous quality control, and manufacturing capabilities enables Win-E to deliver exceptional exterior products on time and on budget.

Applications for Exterior Lighting

Win-E offers LED fixtures perfect for all types of exterior lighting applications:

– Street & Roadway: Roads, highways, parking lots (Area, shoebox, post-top)

– Landscape: Gardens, pathways, signage, water features (spot, flood, wall wash)

– Architectural: Building facades, bridges, monuments (grazers, flood, point source)

– Canopies: Gas stations, porticos, patios (flat lens, recessed)

– Sports & Recreation: stadiums, parks, pools (flood, post-top, high bays)

– Industrial: Warehouses, work yards, security (high/low bay, flood)

Win-E’s exterior lighting fixtures utilize precision optics to shape light for maximum coverage, uniformity, and visual comfort. Robust housings, lens, glare control, and gasketing enable permanent outdoor usage. Additional features like surge protection, animal deterrents, and remote controls offer enhanced performance tailored to the application.

Long Lifespan & Energy Efficiency

Win-E exclusively uses LED technology in their exterior fixtures. The solid-state nature of LEDs enables them to withstand vibration, moisture, and temperature extremes that quickly damage fragile incandescent and fluorescent lamps.

Built with quality LED chips and drivers, Win-E exterior fixtures deliver:

– 50,000 – 100,000 hour lifetimes that can last over a decade without lamp replacement

– 80% or higher lumen maintenance over the LED lifetime

– Over 120 lumens per watt efficacy for ultra-low energy consumption

These enhanced longevity and efficiency qualities generate tremendous cost savings over older HID technology. Maintenance costs are slashed due to the reduced fixture servicing and lamp changes required.

Robust and Reliable Construction

To thrive in the harsh outdoor environment, exterior lighting must feature waterproof, vandal-resistant designs. Win-E engineers their LED fixtures to handle all weather conditions and resist tampering:

– Corrosion-resistant marine-grade aluminum housing and hardware

– Tempered glass lenses with silicone seals to prevent water ingress

– Powder coat and anodize treatments protect against rust and abrasions

– Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses on areas susceptible to damage

– Tight gaskets, conduit connections, and wire ports prevent water intrusion

– Easy tool-less entry for convenient maintenance access

– IK08 and IK10 ratings on fixtures to deter vandalism

Win-E fixtures installed years ago continue to provide reliable service even in coastal, industrial, and high-abuse installations. This brings peace of mind knowing the lighting requires minimal maintenance over its lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exterior Lighting

Those exploring exterior LED lighting often have these common questions:

1. What IP rating makes a fixture suitable for outdoors?
IP65 and IP66 ratings guarantee exterior fixtures are dust-tight and can withstand rain, sprinklers, hoses, and temporary submersion.

2. What is the difference between exterior flood and area lighting?
Floodlighting projects focused on cones of light. Area lighting (shoebox, high bay) distributes wide, uniform illumination ideal for yards, parking lots, etc.

3. How can I determine the spacing and height for exterior LED fixtures?
Photometric test reports with recommended spacing/heights are essential for planning uniform lighting. Win-E provides these reports for all products.

4. What controls work for exterior LED lighting?
Occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and programmable controls help maximize efficiency and customization. Centralized control systems allow remote management of large networks.

5. How do you prevent exterior LED fixtures from glaring?
Glare control options like shields, visors, louvers, optics, tilt adjustment, and surface mounting help direct light only where needed.

6. What CCT is best for the exterior and what impacts color?
Cool 5000K-6500K white light aids visibility outdoors. Lower CCT adds aesthetic warmth but reduces vision. Match fixtures to avoid color shift.

Ready to Partner on Your Exterior Lighting Project?

Win-E Illumination offers cutting-edge products, optical expertise, quality manufacturing, and customer support to make your exterior lighting project a success. Contact their professional engineering team today to request quotes, product recommendations, photometric layouts, and technical guidance. Win-E is ready to partner with you to create exceptional, low-maintenance exterior lighting.